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    Year Entries
Wydzial Nauk Ekonomicznych I Zarzadzania Uniwersytetu Szczecinskiego : Folia oeconomica Stetinensia (Online)  2009 1
Wydzial Studiow Miedzynarodowych I Politycznych Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego : Politeja (Online)  2004- 1
Wydzial Teologiczny Uniwersytetu Szczecinskiego : Colloquia theologica Ottoniana [electronic resource].    1
Wyman : The Wentworth papers, 1705-1739. : Selected from the private and family correspondence of Thomas Wentworth, Lord Raby, created in 1711 Earl of Strafford... / With a memoir and notes by James J. Cartwright.  1883 1
Wyn : And the stars shall fall ; a novel of the life and times of the last tsaritsa.  1951 1
Wyndham Books   9
Wyndham Hall Press : American slavery and the American novel, 1852-1977 / Edward M. Jackson.  c1987 1
Wyndham Press : Poland : land of the white eagle / by Captain Edward C. Corsi.    1
Wynkoop Hallenbeck : Report of the Board of Commissioners representing the state of New York at the Cotton States and International Exposition held at Atlanta, Georgia, 1895.  1896 1
Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Co State Printers : Economic and social beginnings of Michigan ; a study of the setlement of the lower peninsula during the territorial period, 1805-1837 / by George Newman Fuller, PH. D.  1916 1
Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Company : Matthew Lyon, the Hampden of Congress : a biography ... / by J. Fairfax McLaughlin ...  1900 1
Wynkyn De Worde : Reynard the Fox (Online)  1525? 1
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