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William Collins An Imprint Of Harpercollinspublishers : Bloody brilliant women : the pioneers, revolutionaries and geniuses your history teacher forgot to mention / Cathy Newman.  2019 1
William Collins Publishers : The infinite monkey cage. Part 1, How to build a universe / Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince & Alexandra Feachem.  2017 1
William Douglas : The pitman's pay : and other poems / by Thomas Wilson.  1843 1
William Duane : A military dictionary : or, Explanation of the several systems of discipline of different kinds of troops, infantry, artillery, and cavalry; the principles of fortification, and all the modern improvements in the science of tactics ...  1810 1
William Edwin Rudge : The king of the Golden River ; or, The black brothers / by John Ruskin, with an introduction by Eugene A. Noble, illustrations by Ferdinand Huszti Horvath.  1930 1
William F Gill : Sermons to the clergy / by Gail Hamilton [pseudonym].  1876 1
William Frederick Press   9
William Fredrick Press : As Themis plays : a collection of poems.  1953 1
William Green : A few verses / by John White Chadwick.  1900 1
William H Eerdmans Publishing Company : Beyond the abortion wars : a way forward for a new generation / Charles C. Camosy.  2015 1
William Harrison Taylor : Legislative history and souvenir of Connecticut.    1
William Heineman : The Duchesse de Chevreuse : a life of intrigue and adventure in the days of Louis XIII / by Louis Batiffol.  1913 1
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