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W Godwin : Marriage at the crossroads / by Dr. Wilhelm Stekel; translated by Allen D. Garman.  1931 1
W Godwin Inc : Anjea ; infanticide, abortion and contraception in savage society / by Herbert Aptekar.  1931 1
W Goldmann : Ein gl├╝cklicher Zufall : Kriminalroman / Arthur W. Upfield ; aus d. Englischen von Heinz Otto.  2001 1
W Gould : American ecclesiastical law : the law of religious societies, church government and creeds, disturbing religious meetings, and the law of burial grounds in the United States. With practical forms / By R.H. Tyler.  1866 1
W Gowans   4
W Green : A history of the American legion / by Marquis James.  1923 1
W Green And Son Limited : The riddle of the Ruthvens and other studies / by William Roughead ... with thirteen illustrations.  1919 1
W Greenwood : Horace, the greatest of lyric poets ; an account of his life, a translation in prose or verse of the best of all his writings; an explanation of his metres, an estimate of his qualities and perennial influence / by Rev. William Greenwood.  1907 1
W Greig : Hochelaga depicta: the early history and present state of the city and island of Montreal.  1839 1
W Griggs C Praetorius : Shakespeare quarto facsimiles / executed under the superintendence of J.F. Furnivall ; facsimile[s] in photo-lithography by William Griggs [and Charles Praetorius].  1891 1
W H Allen   27
W H Allen And Co   21
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