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    Year Entries
University Park Press   11
University Politehnica Timisoara Faculty Of Engineering Hunedoara : Acta technica corviniensis [electronic resource] : bulletin of engineering.    1
University Press   862
University Press At The University Of The South : General Kirby-Smith / by Arthur Howard Noll ...  1907 1
University Press Barnes And Noble   2
University Press G P Putnam : Life in the medieval university / by Robert S. Rait.  1912 1
University Press G P Putnams Sons   3
University Press Humanities Press Label Humanities Press New York : Cockney phonology.  1960 1
University Press In Association With The West African Languages Survey And The Institute Of African : A transformational grammar of Igbo, / by Patricia L. Carrell.  1970 1
University Press Longman Green : Shell shock and its lessons / by G. Elliot Smith and T. H. Pear. --.  1917 1
University Press Longmans Green   2
University Press Longmans Green And Co   2
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