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Scholarly Pub Office University Of Michigan Library   2
Scholarly Publishing Office University Of Michigan University Library : Lectures on revivals of religion / by Rev. Charles G. Finney.  2006? 1
Scholarly Resources   38
Scholarly Resources Books : The church in colonial Latin America / John F. Schwaller, editor.  2000 1
Scholars Bookshelf : The Battle of Harlem Heights, September 16, 1776 : with a review of the events of the campaign / by Henry P. Johnston.  2006 1
Scholars Facimiles And Reprints : Carolina: or, Loyal poems / by Thomas Shipman ; a facsimile reproduction with an introduction by Ken Robinson.  1980 1
Scholars Facsimiles And Reprints   258
Scholars Facsimiles And Reprints Inc : The siege of Rhodes (1482) / Guillaume Caoursin ; translated by John Kaye, and The book of subtyl histories and fables of Esope (1484) / Aesopus ; with an introd. by Douglas Gray.  1975 1
Scholars Facsimiles Annd Reprints : The Whores rhetorick (1683) : a facsimile reproduction / with an introd. by James R. Irvine and G. Jack Gravlee.  1979 1
Scholars Facsimilies And Reprints   3
Scholars Facsims And Reprints   4
Scholars Fascimiles And Reprints : Letters from the West ; containing sketches of scenery, manners, and customs; and anecdotes connected with the first settlements of the western sections of the United States (1828) A facsimile reproduction, with an introd. / by John T. Flanagan.  1967 1
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