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Robert Culley : The life of James Harrison Rigg : D.D., 1821-1909 / by his son-in-law, John Telford, B.A., with portraits and illustrations.  1909 1
Robert D Reed Publishers   3
Robert E Kowalski : Diet-heart newsletter (Online)    1
Robert E Mcgeary : The Yankee doodle method : a simplified self-instructor for drum, fife and bugle. [Fife] / Robert E. McGeary.  1920 1
Robert F Wagner Labor Archives New York University : Ordinary people, extraordinary lives : an assessment of archival sources documenting 20th century New York City social history / edited by Debra Bernhardt and Rachel Bernstein.  1994 1
Robert Farrington : Summary The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson / In a Nutshell Publishing.  2018 1
Robert Frost Society : Robert Frost review (Online)  1991 1
Robert H Dodd : The iconography of Manhattan Island, 1498-1909 : compiled from original sovrces and illvstrated by photo-intaglio reprodvctions of important maps, plans, views and docvments in pvblic and private collections / by I.N. Phelps Stokes.  1928 1
Robert H Sommer : St. Paul from the trenches : a rendering of the Epistles to the Corinthians and Ephesians done in France during the Great War / by Gerald Warre Cornish. With a foreword by John Sidney Braithwaite, M.A.  1948 1
Robert Hale   13
Robert Hale Ltd : Understanding Austen : key concepts in the six novels / Maggie Lane.  2012 1
Robert Hardwicke : The growth of Russian power contingent on the decay of the British constitution.  1858 1
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