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Reports And Statistics Service Office Of Controller Veterans Administration : Social, demographic, and medical characteristics of patient-members in VA domiciliaries, 1967-1975 / Louis Mesard, Alice Wrigley.  1976 1
Reports Corp : Constructioneer [electronic resource].    1
Repository Print Co : History of the Holl-Schrantz family, or, The descendants of Ephraim Holl / collected and arranged by Henry C. Holl.  1891 1
Reprint By Texian Press : Sketches: Texas in 1840 : designed to answer, in a brief way, the numerous enquiries respecting the new republic, as to situation, extent, climate, soil, productions, water, government, society, religion, etc. / Introd. by James M. Day.  1964 1
Reprint Co   23
Reprint Society   2
Reprinted And Published In 1901 By The Independent Citizens Committees : Edward Morse Shepard : a biographical sketch from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, February 24, 1895 : at this time Mr. Shepard was not a candidate.  1901 1
Reprinted And Sold By Phillips And Fardon : A brief account of the proceedings of the committee : appointed in the year 1795 by the yearly meeting of Friends of Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, &c. for promoting the improvement and gradual civilization of the Indian natives.  1806 1
Reprinted And Sold By T Green : Remarks on the review of the Controversy between Great Britain and her colonies. In which the errors of its authors are exposed, and the claims of the colonies vindicated, upon the evidence of historical facts and authentic records. To which is subjoined, a proposal for terminating the present unhappy dispute with the colonies; recovering their commerce; reconciliating their affection; securing their rights; and establishing their dependence on a just and permanent basis. Humbly submitted to the consideration of the British legislature. By Edward Bancroft.  1771 1
Reprinted By A B Caldwell Publisher : The history of Georgia : containing brief sketches of the most remarkable events up to the present day, (1784) / by Capt. Hugh McCall.  1909 1
Reprinted By B L B Black Letter Press : History of BrulĂ©'s discoveries and explorations, 1610-1626 ; being a narrative of the discovery, by Stephen BrulĂ© of lakes Huron, Ontario and Superior; and of his explorations (the first made by civilized man) of Pennsylvania and western New York, also of the Province of Ontario, Canada, with a biographical notice of the discoverer and explorer, who was killed and eaten by savages / Cleveland, Helman-Taylor Co., 1898.  1974 1
Reprinted By Benchmark Pub Co : Dachau.    1
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