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    Year Entries
Data Licensing Llc : SEC Wire (Online)    1
Data Research : Federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination.  1997- 1
Database Pub Co   2
Datacrown : Computerletter (Online)    1
Datamonitor   1947
Datanews : In viaggio con lei / di Gigliola Cinquetti.  2014 1
Datatrends Publications   3
Datz Co Printers : 50th anniversary of the incorporation of the town of West Hoboken, N.J. : souvenir history, June 1,2,3,4, 1911.  c1911 1
Datz Press : A genealogy of the Van Winkle family; account of its origin and settlement in this country with data 1630-1913. Description of the village of "Winkel," Holland, with illustrations. By Daniel Van Winkle ...  c1913 1
Dauber And Pine Bookshops Inc : Letters and notes on the Texan Santa Fe Expedition, 1841-1842 / by Thomas Falconer, with an introduction and notes by F.W. Hodge.  1930 1
Daugavas Vanags : Latvian literature / Consulting editor: Marvin J. Lahood.  1964 1
Daughaday And Becker : The history of the Independent order of Good templars / By I. Newton Peirce.  1869 1
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