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Central Bureau For The Employment Of Women : Openings for university women other than teaching ; a pamphlet containing a short summery of professions, new and old, which are specially suited for women of higher education, together with suggestions on the more recent openings and pioneer work. Also a comparative table of university degrees and diplomas in the British Isles. Written for the Students Careers' Association.  1912 1
Central Bureau For The Jewish Aged   2
Central Commission For Investigation Of German Crimes In Poland : Biuletyn Głównej Komisji Badania Zbrodni Niemieckich w Polsce. English.  1946- 1
Central Committee Of The Budapest Thermal Baths And Health Resorts : The cultural aspirations of Hungary from 896 to 1935.  1935 1
Central Conference Of American Rabbis   4
Central Congregational Church   2
Central Council For Research In Homoeopathy : Indian journal of research in homoeopathy [electronic resource].    1
Central De Publicaciones : El trimestre económico [electronic resource].  1934- 1
Central Education Research Institute   2
Central European University Dept Of Political Science : CEU political science journal [electronic resource] : the graduate student review.    1
Central European University Press   3
Central Institute Of Islamic Research : Islamic studies [electronic resource].  1962- 1
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