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C Wright : Old places revisited : or, the antiquarian enthusiast / by Robert Bigsby.  1851 1
C Young Books Roy Publishers : Experiments in education at Sevenoaks / [by] Bob White [and others] Edited, with an introd. and reflection, by L. C. Taylor and contributions by boys past and present.  1966 1
C1962 : The story of disarmament, 1945-1963.  c1962 1
C1966 : The university in transition.  c1966 1
C1968 : Conrad to a friend ; 150 selected letters from Joseph Conrad to Richard Curle / Edited with an introd. and notes by R. C.  c1968 1
C1971 : Dollar politics. : [Edited by Robert A. Diamond. Contributors: Stanley N. Wellborn and others].  c1971 1
C1975 : Forensics as communication ; the argumentative perspective / edited by James H. McBath.  c1975 1
C1976   3
C1977 : Personality description in ordinary language : D. B. Bromley.  c1977 1
C3 Editions   15
C3 Editions Atelier Jeudi Soir : Agase lesperans / Lyonel Trouillot.  2017 1
Ca Press Apress : Modern business management : creating a built-to-change organization / Doug Dockery, Laureen Knudsen.  2018 1
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