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Author Friends Book Store : One hundred and one bird voices ; Sonnets; Battle-dore; Unconventional verse, &c. / [By] William Bacon Evans.  1941 1
Author House   3
Author Sold By E Stock London : Norman architecture in Essex / Ernest Godman.  1905 1
Author Solutions   19
Authorhouse   40
Authority   9
Authority Publishing : The nonfiction book publishing plan : the professional guide to profitable self-publishing / Stephanie Chandler, Karl W. Palachuk.  2018 1
Authors : A New friendship's garland / [edited by C.M.F.].  1899 1
Authors And Publishers Corporation : Coal, government ownership or control ; government ownership of Navy coal land and control of the coal industry / by D.J. McAdam.  1921 1
Authors Art Press : Philosophic tales of the "Arabian nights" : The three voyages of Omar and Micromegas / Unexpurgated and with modern corroborating footnotes.  1929 1
Authors Bureau : The lotus magazine [electronic resource].  1911 1
Authors International Publishing Co : Sonnets and odes / by Albert King.  1939 1
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