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    Year Entries
American Legion : Proceedings of ... National Convention of the American Legion.  1991- 1
American Letters And Commentary : American letters & commentary [electronic resource].    1
American Letters Press : The animals [electronic resource] : a pastoral / by Richard Grossman.  2011 1
American Liberty League : Document / American Liberty League.    1
American Library Association   148
American Library Associaton : The language of the foreign book trade : abbreviations, terms, phrases.  1962 1
American Library Service   2
American Life Foundation : Early American houses ; and, A glossary of colonial architectural terms.  1968 1
American Littoral Society : Underwater naturalist (Online)  1962- 1
American Lung Association Environmental Protection Agency Consumer Product Safety Commission America   2
American Machine Tool Distributors Association : American Machine Tool Distributors' Association [electronic resource] : member search.    1
American Management Association   133
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