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100 1  Klaus, Ian. 
245 10 Forging capitalism|h[electronic resource] :|bRogues, 
       swindlers, frauds, and the rise of modern finance.|cIan 
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490 0  Yale in Economic and Financial History. 
520    A riveting history of raw capitalism that exposes the 
       unscrupulousness at its heart Vice is endemic to Western 
       capitalism, according to this fascinating, wildly 
       entertaining, often startling history of modern finance. 
       Ian Klaus's  Forging Capitalism  demonstrates how 
       international financial affairs in the nineteenth century 
       were conducted not only by gentlemen as a noble pursuit 
       but also by connivers, thieves, swindlers, and frauds who 
       believed that no risk was too great and no scheme too 
       outrageous if the monetary reward was substantial enough. 
       Taken together, the grand deceptions of the ambitious 
       schemers and the determined efforts to guard against them 
       have been instrumental in creating the financial 
       establishments of today. In a story teeming with playboys 
       and scoundrels and rich in colorful and amazing events, 
       Klaus chronicles the evolution of trust through three 
       distinct epochs: the age of values, the age of networks 
       and reputations, and, ultimately, in a world of increased 
       technology and wealth, the age of skepticism and 
       verification. In today's world, where the questionable 
       dealings of large international financial institutions are
       continually in the spotlight, this extraordinary history 
       has great relevance, offering essential lessons in both 
       the importance and the limitations of trust. 
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