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Title Complete poems, 1904-1962 / E.E. Cummings ; edited by George J. Firmage.
Author Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin), 1894-1962.
Publication New York : Liveright, 1994.
Copyright date ©1991
Edition Revised, corr., and expanded edition containing all the published poetry.
Description xxxii, 1,102 pages ; 24 cm
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Note "Centennial edition"--T.p. verso.
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index.
Summary This centennial edition of E.E. Cummings's Complete Poems, published in celebration of his birth on October 14, 1894, contains all of the poems published or designated for publication by the poet in his lifetime, including thirty-six poems that were first collected in the 1991 edition and 164 unpublished poems issued in 1983 under the title Etcetera. At the time of his death in 1962 E.E. Cummings was, next to Robert Frost, the most widely read poet in America. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he lived most of his life in Greenwich Village and in Madison, New Hampshire, where he died in 1962. His imprisonment in a French detention center during World War I, which inspired his novel The Enormous Room, and his visit to Stalinist Russia in 1931, described in his EIMI, punctuated a career devoted entirely to his two passions of poetry and painting. Combining Thoreau's controlled belligerence with the brash abandon of an uninhibited Bohemian, Cummings, together with Pound, Eliot, and William Carlos Williams, helped bring about the twentieth-century revolution in literary expression. He is recognized on the one hand as the author of some of the most beautiful lyric poems written in the English language, and on the other as one of the most inventive American poets of his time - in the words of Richard Kostelanetz, "the major American poet of the middle-twentieth-century."
Contents Tulips -- Epithalamion -- Of nicolette -- Songs -- I. (thee will I praise between those rivers whose -- II. when life is quite through with -- III. Always before your voice my soul -- IV. Thy fingers make early flowers of -- V. All in green went my love riding -- VI. Where's Madge then, -- VII. Doll's boy's asleep -- VIII. cruelly, love -- IX. when God lets my body be -- Puella Mea -- Chansons innocentes -- I. in Just -- II. hist whist -- III. little tree -- IV. why did you go -- V. Tumbling-hair picker of buttercups violets -- Orientale -- I. i spoke to thee -- II. my love -- III. listen -- IV. unto thee i -- V. lean candles hunger in -- VI. the emperor -- Amores -- I. your little voice over the wires came leaping -- II. in the rain- -- III. there is a -- IV. consider O -- V. as is the sea marvelous -- VI. into the smiting -- VII. if I believe -- VIII. the glory is fallen out of -- IX. I like -- X. after five -- XI. O distinct -- La Guerre -- I. Humanity I love you -- II earth like a tipsy -- III. the bigness of cannon -- IV. little ladies more -- V. O sweet spontaneous -- Impressions -- I. Lady of silence -- II. the sky a silver -- III. writhe and -- IV. the hills -- V. stinging -- VI. the sky was -- VII i was considering how -- VIII. between green mountains -- IX the hours rise up putting off stars and it is -- X. i will wade out till my thighs are steeped in burning flowers -- Portraits -- I. of my -- II. being -- III. as usual i did not find him in cafes, the more dissolute atmosphere -- IV. the skinny voice -- V. Babylon slim -- VI. the dress was a suspicious madder, importing the cruelty of roses. -- VII. of evident invisibles -- VIII. the -- IX. ta -- X. it's just like a coffin's -- XI. between nose-red gross -- XII. i walked the boulevard -- XIII. 5 -- XIV. the young -- XV. one April dusk the -- XVI. between the breasts -- XVII. but the other
XVIII. in the, exquisite; -- XIX. the rose -- XIX. spring omnipotent goddess thou dost -- XX. spring omnipotent goddess thou dost -- XXI. Buffalo Bill's -- XXII. Cleopatra built -- XXIII. Picasso -- XXIV. conversation with my friend is particularly -- XXV. my mind is -- XXVI. the waddling -- XXVII. raise the shade -- XXIX. somebody knew Lincoln somebody xerxes -- Post impressions -- I. windows go orange in the slowly. -- II. beyond the brittle towns asleep -- III. the moon is hiding in -- IV. riverly is a flower -- V. any man is wonderful -- VI. into the strenuous briefness -- VII. at the head of this street a gasping organ is waving motheaten -- VIII. i was sitting in mcsorley's outside it was New York and beautifully snowing. -- IX. at the ferocious phenomenon of 5 o'clock i find myself gently decompos- -- X. SNO -- XI. i am going to utter a tree, nobody -- Chimneys -- Sonnets-realities -- I. the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls -- II. when i am in Boston, i do not speak. -- III. goodby Betty, don't remember me -- IV. ladies and gentlemen this little girl -- V. by god i want above fourteenth -- VI. when you rang at Dick Mid's Place -- VII. a fragrant sag of fruit distinctly grouped. -- VIII. irreproachable ladies firmly lewd -- IX. near:breath of my breath:take not thy tingling -- X. when thou hast taken thy last applause, and when -- XI. god pity me whom (god distinctly has) -- XII. kitty. sixteen, 5' 1", white, prostitute. -- XIII. it started when Bill's chip of clenched arms -- XIV. she sits dropping on a caret of clenched arms -- XV. unnoticed woman from whose kind large flesh -- XVI. twentyseven bums give a prostitute the once
XVII. of this wilting wall the colour drub -- XVIII. where as by dark really released, the modern -- XIX. my girl's tall with hard long eyes -- XX. life boosts herself rapidly at me -- Sonnets -- unrealities -- I. and what were roses. Perfume? for i do -- II. when unto nights of autumn do complain -- III. a connotation of infinity -- IV. Thou in whose swordgreat story shine the deeds -- V. when my sensational moments are no more -- VI. god gloats upon Her stunning flesh. Upon -- VII. O Thou to whom the musical white spring -- VIII. when the proficient poison of sure sleep -- IX. this is the garden : colours come and go, -- X. it is at moments after i have dreamed -- XI. it may not always be so ; and i say -- XII. I have seen her a stealthily frail -- XIII. if learned darkness from our searched world -- XIV. who's most afraid of death? thou art of him -- XV. come nothing to my comparable soul -- XVI when citied day with the sonorous homes -- XVII will suddenly trees leap from winter and will -- XVIII. a wind has blown the rain away and blown -- Sonnets -- actualities -- I. when my love comes to see me it's -- II. it is funny, you will be dead some day. -- III. a connotation of infinity -- IV. Thou in whose swordgreat story shine the deeds -- V. when the proficient poison of sure sleep -- VI. let's live suddenly without thinking -- VII. yours is the music for no instrument -- VIII. fabulous against, a, fathoming jelly -- IX. by little accurate saints thickly which tread -- X. a thing most new complete fragile intense, -- XI. autumn is : that between a building -- XII. my love is building a building -- XIII. perhaps it is to feel strike -- XIV. the ivory perfoming rose -- XV. my naked lady framed -- XVI. i have found what you are like -- XVII. GOM splashes-sink -- XVIII. my sonnet is A light goes on in -- XIX. (the phonograph's voice like a keen spider skipping -- XX. you asked me to come : it was raining a little, -- XXI. (let us tremble) a personal radiance sits
XXII. utterly and amusingly i am pash -- XXIII. notice the convulsed orange inch of moon -- XXIV. and this day it was -- & [and] (1925) -- Dedication -- A -- Post impressions -- I. the wind is a lady with -- II. Take for example this: -- III. Paris ; this April sunset completely utters -- IV. I remark this beach has been used too. much Too. orginally -- V. my smallheaded pearshaped -- VI. of this sunset (whuch is so -- VII. my eyes are fond of the east side -- VIII. suppose -- Portraits -- I. when the spent day begins to frail -- II. impossibly -- III. here is little Effie's head -- N & : seven poems -- I. i will be -- II. i'll tell you a dream i had once i was away up in the sky Blue, everything: -- III. Spring is like a perhaps hand -- IV. Who threw the silver dollar up into the tree? I didn't said the little -- V. gee i like to think of dead it means nearer because deeper firmer -- VI. (one!) -- VII. who knows if the moon's -- D Sonnets-Realities -- I. O It's Nice To Get Up In, the slipshod musous kiss -- II. my strength becoming wistful in a glib -- III. the dirty colours of her kiss have just -- IV light cursed falling in a singular block
V. the bed is not very big -- VI. the poem her belly marched through me as -- VII. an amiable putrescence carpenters -- VIII. her careful distinct sex whose sharp lips comb -- IX. in making Marjorie god hurried -- Sonnets -- actualities -- I. before the fragile gradual throne of night -- II. when i have thought of you somewhat too -- III. if i should sleep with a lady called death -- IV. upon the room's silence, i will sew -- V. a blue woman with sticking out breasts haning -- VI. when you went away it was morning -- VII. i like my body when it is with your -- is 5 (1926) -- Foreword -- One -- I. Five Americans -- i. Liz -- ii. Mame -- iii. Gert -- iv. Marj -- v. Fran -- II. Poem, or beauty hurts Mr. Vinal -- III. curtains part) -- IV. workingman with hand so hairy-sturdy -- V. yonder deadfromtheneckup graduate of a -- VI. Jimmie's got a goil goil goil, Jimmie -- VII. listen my children and you -- VIII. even if all desires things moments be -- IX. death is more than -- X. nobody loses all the time -- XI. now dis daughter uv eve(who aint precisely slim)sim -- XII. (and i imagine -- XIII. it really must -- XIV. Item -- XV. Ikey (Goldberg)'s worth I'm -- XVI. ? -- XVII. -- this young question mark man -- XVIII. mr youse needn't be so spry -- XIX. she being Brand
XX. slightly before the middle of Congressman Pudd -- XXI Ode -- XXII. on the Madam's best april the -- XXIII. (as that named Fred -- XXIV. my uncle -- XXV. than(by yon sunset's wintry glow -- XXVI. weazened Irrefutable unastonished -- XXVII. Memorabilia -- XXVIII. a man who had fallen among thieves -- XXIX. this evangelist -- XXX. (ponder, darling, these busted statues -- XXXI. poets yeggs and thirsties -- XXXII. Will i ever forget that precarious moment? -- XXXIII. voices to voices, lip to lip -- XXXIV. life hurl my -- Two -- I. the season 'tis, my lovely lambs, -- II. opening of the chambers close -- III. "next to of course god america i -- IV. it's jolly -- V. look at this) -- VI. first Jock he -- VII. lis -- VIII. come, gaze with me upon this dome -- IX. 16 heures -- X. my sweet old etcetera -- Three -- I. now that fierce few -- II. Among these red pieces of -- III. it is winter a moon in the afternoon -- IV. candles and -- V. will out of the kindness of their hearts a few philosophers tell me -- VI. but observe ; although -- VII. sunlight was over -- Four -- I. the moon looked into my window -- II. if being mortised with a dream -- III. here's a little mouse) and
IV. but if i should say -- V. in spite of everything -- VI. you are not going to, dear. You are not going to and -- VII. since feeling is first -- VIII. some ask praise of their fellows -- IX. supposing i dreamed this) X. you are like the snow only -- XI. because -- XII. you being in love -- XIII. Nobody wears a yellow -- XIV. it is so long since my heart has been with yours -- XV. i am a beggar always -- XVI. if within tonight's erect -- XVII. how this uncouth enchanted -- XVIII. i go to this window -- Five -- I. after all white horses are in bed -- II. touching you i say (it being Spring -- III. along the brittle treacherous bright streets -- IV. our touching hearts slenderly comprehend -- V. if i have made, my lady, intricate -- W [ViVa] (1931) -- I. ,mean- -- II. oil tel duh woil doi sez -- III. the surely -- IV. there are 6 doors. -- V. myself, walking in Dragon st -- VI. but my can you maybe listen there's -- VII. Space being (don't foreget to remember) Curved -- VIII. (one fine day) -- IX. y is a well know athlete's bride -- X thethe -- XI. a mong crum bling people (a -- XII. poor But TerFly -- XIII. remarked Robinson Jefferson -- XIV. what time is it i wonder never mind -- XV. well) here's looking at ourselves -- XVI. tell me not how electricity or -- XVII. Full Speed Astern) -- XVIII. Gay is the captivating cognomen of a young woman of cambridge, mass. -- XIX. i will cultivate within
XX. but granted that it's nothing paradoxically enough beyond mere personal -- XXI. helves surling out of eakspeasies per(reel) hapsingly -- XXII. Lord John Unalive (having a fortune of fifteengrand -- XXIII. buncha hardboil guys from duh A.C. fulla -- XXIV. serene immediate silliest and whose -- XXIX. in the middle of a room -- XXX. i sing of Olaf glad and big -- XXXI. memory believes -- XXXII. Wing Wong, uninterred at twice -- XXXIII. innerly -- XXXVI. sunset) edges become swiftly -- XXVII. how -- XXXVIII. n(o)w the -- XXXIX. An(fragrance) of -- XL. thou firsting a hugeness of twi-light -- XLI. twi- is -Light bird -- XLII. structure, miraculous challenge, devout am -- XLIII. if there are any heavens my mother will (all by herself) have -- XLIV. i'd think wonder -- XLV. you -- XLVI. i met a man under the moon -- XLVII. when rain whom fear -- XLVIII. come a little further -- why be afraid- -- XLIX. a light out) & first of all foam -- L. when hair falls off and eyes blur and -- LI. a clown's smirk in the skull of a baboon -- LII. it)It will it -- LIII. breathe with me this fear -- LIV. if i live you -- LV. speaking of love (of -- LVI. lady will you come with me into -- LVII. somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond -- LVIII. is there a flower (whom -- LVIX. my darling since
LX. because i love you) last night -- LXI. if you and i awakening -- LXII. item: is Clumsily with of -- LXIII. be unto love as rain is unto colour ; create -- LXIV. greanted the all saving our young kiss only -- LXV. but being not amazing : without love -- LXVI. nothing is more exactly terrible than -- LXVII. put off your faces, Death : for day is over -- LXVIII. but if a living dance upon dead minds -- LXIX. so standing, out eyes filled with wind, and the -- LXX. here is the ocean, this is moonlight : say -- No thanks (1935 Manuscript) -- Initial dedication -- I. mOOn Over tOwns mOOn -- 2. moon over gai -- 3. that which we who're alive in spite of mirrors -- 4. i -- 5. a)glazed mind layed in a urinal -- 6. exit a kind of unkindness exit -- 7. sonnet entitled how to run the world -- 8. the (Wistfully -- 9. o pr -- 10. little man -- 11. ci-gît 1 Foetus (unborn to not die -- 12. why why -- 13. r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r -- 14. mouse) Won -- 15. one nonsufficiently inunderstood -- 16. may i feel said he -- 17. O -- 18. this little -- 19. who before dying demands not rebirth -- 20. go(perpe) go -- 21. In) all those who got -- 22. when muckers pimps and tratesmen -- 23. he does not have to feel because he thinks -- 24. let's start a magazine -- 25. this (that
26. what does little Ernest croon -- 27. little joe gould has lost his teeth and dosen't know where -- 28. that famous fatheads find that each -- 29. most (people -- 30. kumrads die because they're told) -- 31. does yesterday's perfection seem not quite -- 32. numb(and -- 33. emptied.hills.listen. -- 34. snow)says! Says -- 35. how dark and single, where he ends, the earth -- 36. into a truly -- 37. conceive a man, should he have anything -- 38. SNOW -- 39. move -- 40. as if as -- 41. here's to opening and upward. to leaf and to sap -- 42. out of a supermetamathical subpreincestures -- 43. theys sO alive (who is ?niggers) -- 44. the boys i mean are not refined -- 45. sometimes in) Spring a someone will lie (glued -- 46. swi( across! gold's -- 47. ondumonde -- 48. floatfloafloflf -- 49. silent unday by silently not night -- 50. much i cannot) -- 51. at dusk just when -- 52. Spring(side -- 53. what a proud dreamhorse pulling(smoothloomingly) through -- 54. Jehovah buried, Satan dead, -- 55. worshipping Same -- 56. this mind made war -- 57. when from a sidewalk out of (blown never quite to -- 58. love is a place -- 59. sh estiffl -- 60. (b eLl s? bE -- 61. love's function is to fabricate unknownness -- 62. we) under) over, the thing of floathing Of
63. birds( here, inven -- 64. Do. -- 65. if night's mostness(and whom did merely day -- 66. death (having lost) put on his universe -- 67. come (all you mischief- -- 68. be of love (a little -- 69. reason let others give and realness bring- -- 70. brIght -- 71. morsel miraculous and meaningless -- Terminal dedication -- New poems [from collected poems] (1938) -- Introdcution -- 1. un -- 2. kind) -- 3. a football with white eyebrows the -- 4. (of ever-ever land i speak -- 5. lucky means finding -- 6. Q:dwo -- 7. &-moon-He-be-hind-a-mills -- 8. this little bride & groom are -- 9. so little he is -- 10. nor woman -- 11. my speicailty is living said -- 12. The mind's ( -- 13. if i -- 14. hanged -- 15. economic secu -- 16. beware beware beware -- 17. only as what (out of a flophouse) floats -- 18. must being shall -- 19. may my heart always be open to little -- 20. the people who -- 21. porky & porkie -- 22. you shall above all things be glad and young. -- 50 Poems (1940) -- Dedication -- 1. !blac -- 2. fl -- 3. If you can't eat you got to
4. nobody loved this -- 5. am was. are leaves few this. is these a or -- 6. flotsam and jetsam -- 7. moan -- 8. the Noster was a ship of swank -- 9. warped this perhapsy -- 10. spoke joe to jack -- 11. red-rag and pink-flag -- 12. (will you teach a -- 13. proud of his scientific attitude -- 14. the way to hump a cow is not -- 15. mrs -- 16. )when what hugs stopping earth than silent is -- 17. youful -- 18. ecco a leatter starting dearest we -- 19. there is a here and -- 20. harder perhaps than a newengland bed -- 21. six -- 22. nouns to nouns -- 23. a pretty a day -- 24. these people socalled were not given hearts -- 25. as freedom is a breakfastfood -- 26. wherelings whenlings -- 27. buy me an ounce and i'll sell you a pound. -- 28. there are possibly 21/2 or impossibly 3. -- 29. anyone lived in a pretty how town -- 30. the silently little blue elephant shyly (he was terri -- 31. not time's how (anchored in what mountaining roots -- 32. newlys of silence -- 33. one slopshlouch twi -- 34. my father moved through dooms of love -- 35. you which could grin three smiles into a dead -- 36. i say no world -- 37. these children singing in stone a -- 38. love is the every only god -- 39. denied night's face -- 40. a peopleshaped toomany-ness far too -- 41. up into the silence the green -- 42. love is more thicker than forget -- 43. hate blows a bubble of despair into -- 44. air, -- 45. enters give -- 46. grEEn's d -- 47. (sitting in a tree-) -- 48. mortals) 49. ia am so glad and very -- 50 what freedom's not some under's mere above
1X1 [One times one] (1944) -- 1 -- I. nonsun blob a -- II. neither could say -- III. it's over a (see just -- IV. of all the blessings which to man -- V. squints a blond -- VI. my (his from daughter's mother's zero mind -- VII. ygUDuh -- VIII. applaws) -- IX. a salesman is an it that stinks excuse -- X. a politician is an arse upon -- XI mr u will not be missed -- XII. it was a good co -- XIII. plato told -- XIV. pity told -- XV. (free stop thief help murder save the world -- XVI. one's not half two. It's two are halves of one: -- X XVII. pme (Floatingly) arrive -- XVIII as any (men's hell having wrestled with -- XIX. when you are silent, shinning host by guest -- XX. what if a much of a which of a wind -- XXI. dead every enormous piece -- XXII. no man, if men are gods : but if gods must -- XXIII. rain or hail -- XXIX. let it go-the -- XXX. Hello is what a mirror says -- XXXI. a- -- XXXII. old mr ly -- XXXIII. open green those -- XXIV. nothing false and possible is love -- XXXV. nothing false and possible is love -- XXXV except in your -- XXXVI. true lovers in each happening of their hearts -- XXXVII. we love each other very dearly, more -- XXXVIII. yes is a pleasant country : -- XXXIX. all ignorance toboggans into know -- XL. darling! because my blood can sing
XLI. how -- XLII. might these be thrushes climbing through almost (do they -- XLIII. if (among -- XLIV. these (whom ; pretends -- XLV. i think you like -- XLVI. open your heart : -- XLVII. until and i heard -- XLVIII. so isn't small one littlest why, -- XLIX trees were in (give -- L. which is the very -- LI. sweet spring is your -- LII. life is more than reason will deceive -- LIII. o by the by -- LIV. if everything happens that can't be done -- Dedication -- Xaipe (1950) -- Dedication -- 1. this (let's remember) day died agian and -- 2. hush) -- 3. purer than purest pure -- 4. this out of within itself moo -- 5. swim so now million many worlds in each -- 6. dying is fine) but Death -- 7. we miss you, jack -- tactfully you (with one cocked -- 8. o -- 9. possibly thrice we glimpsed -- more likely twice -- 10. or who and who) -- 11. so many selves (so many fiends and gods -- 12. tw -- 13. chas sing does (who -- 14. out of more find than seeks -- 15. hair your a brook -- 16. if the -- 17. (swooning) a pillar of youngly -- 18. a(ncient) a -- 19. out of the mountain of his soul comes -- 20. goo-dmore-ning (en -- 21. jake hates all the girls (the -- 22. when serpents bargain for the right to squirm
23. three wealthy sisters swore they'd never part -- 24. one day a nigger -- 25. pieces (in darker -- 26. who sharpens every dull -- 27. summer is over -- 28. noone autumnal this great lady's gaze -- 29. nine birds (rising -- 30. snow means that -- 31. infinite jukethrob smoke & swallow to dis -- 32. blossoming are people -- 33. if a cheerfulest elephantangelchild should sit -- 34. a thrown a -- 35. light's lives lurch a once world quickly from rises
Subject English poetry.
Addl. Author Firmage, George James.
Addl. Title Poems
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