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  Life 100 Years Ago -- See Life in America 100 years ago    
Life # 6      
      Wagman, Diana.; FIC WAGMAN ; Central - Lit Storage:CHECK SHELVES, New Utrecht Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2015
  Life a dream -- See Calderon De La Barca Pedro 1600 1681 Vida es sueƱo. English    
Life A Gift      
      L'Engle, Madeleine,; 263.915 L ; Central 2nd Fl - HBR Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Clinton Hill Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Ft Hamilton Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Homecrest Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Kings Hwy Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Mapleton Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Pacific Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Paerdegat Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2019
Life A How To Guide    
      Graham, Amy.; 361.0023 G ; Homecrest YA Educ/Career:DUE 05-21-21, Mill Basin YA Educ/Career:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2012
      Wroble, Lisa A.; 155.9042 W ; Mill Basin YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, New Utrecht YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2012
      Burns, Jan.; 158.25 B ; Canarsie YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Crown Hts YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Highlawn Non-Fic:DUE 05-06-21   Book 2012
      Apelqvist, Eva.; 629.283 A ; Central 1st Fl - YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Flatbush YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Kings Bay YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES, Wash Irving YA Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 2012
3 additional entries    
  Life A How To Guide Series -- See Life-- a how-to-guide    
Life A Natural History Of The First Four Billion Years Of Life On Earth      
      Fortey, Richard A.; 576.8 F ; Central 2nd Fl - SST Non-Fiction:DUE 05-24-21   Book 1998
Life A Play      
      Leonard, Hugh.; 822 L ; Central - Lit Storage:CHECK SHELVES   Book 1981
Life A Users Manual    
      808.803 L ; Central 1st Fl - Lit Non-Fic:CHECK SHELVES   Book 1998
      Perec, Georges,; FIC PEREC ; E Parkway Fic:IN TRANSIT, New Utrecht Fic:DUE 04-08-21, Park Slope Fic:DUE 03-15-21   Book 2009
Life, a user's manual -- See Perec Georges 1936 1982 Vie mode d'emploi. English    
Life According To Agfa      
Life According To Dani -- 3 entries    
  Life according to Linus -- See Schulz Charles M Charles Monroe 1922 2000 Peanuts. Selections    
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