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008    720907s1967    enkmua   hi    n    eng   
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028 22 S. & B. 5542|bStainer and Bell 
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099    Mu|a782.20903|aC 
245 00 Consort songs /|ctranscribed and edited by Philip Brett. 
264  1 London :|bPublished for the Royal Musical Association :
       |bStainer and Bell,|c1967. 
300    1 score (xxi, 191 pages) :|bfacsimiles ;|c34 cm. 
336    notated music|bntm|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
348    score 
490 1  Musica Britannica ;|v22 
500    For 1-5 voices, with accompaniment for 3-6 viols. 
500    "Textual commentary": p. 177-188. 
500    Errata inserted. 
505 00 |tElegies and dramatic laments.|tO Death, rock me asleep ;
       |tAlas, alack, my heart is woe ;|tCome tread the paths ;
       |tFarewell the bliss /|ranon. ;|tEnforc'd by love and fear
       ;|tPour down, you pow'rs divine ;|tNo grief is like to 
       mine /|rRobert Parsons ;|tAh, alas, you salt sea gods ;|tO
       Jove, from stately throne /|rRichard Farrant ;|gA|tdoleful
       deadly pang /|rNicholas Strogers ;|tSend forth thy sighs ;
       |tPrepare to die /|rNathaniel Pattrick ;|tLike as the day 
       /|rPatrick Mando ;|tFor death of her ;|tYe mortal wights /
       |rWilliam Cobbold ;|tCease now, vain thoughts /|rNathaniel
       Giles ;|tO thrice-blessed earthbed /|rJohn Tomkins --
       |tSettings of poems from The paradise of dainty devices 
       (1576).|tHow can the tree ;|tIn terrors trapp'd ;
       |tMistrust misdeems amiss ;|gThe|tsaint I serve /|ranon. ;
       |tMistrust not truth ;|tO heav'nly God /|r(Nicholas?) 
       Strogers ;|tWhen May is in his prime /|ranon. --
       |tLullabies, "sonnets", and pastorals.|tAh, silly poor 
       Joas ;|tMy little sweet darling ;|tWithout redress ;|tIn 
       paradise /|ranon. ;|tAmids my bale ;|gThe|thaughty hearts 
       /|rWilliam Cobbold ;|tFie, fie, my fate ;|tCome, Charon, 
       come /|ranon. ;|tClimb not too high /|rNathaniel Pattrick 
       ;|tEliza is the fairest queen /|rEdward Johnson ;|tMy mind
       to me ;|tMy heart doth pant for sorrow ;|tComplain with 
       tears ;|tWhat first did break thee /|ranon. --|tPsalms and
       sacred songs.|tCome, Holy Ghost ;|tO Lord of whom I do 
       depend ;|tO Lord, turn not away thy face /|ranon. ;|tNow 
       Israel may say ;|tExcept the Lord the house do make ;
       |tLord, to thee I make my moan ;|tYield unto God /|rJohn 
       Cosyn ;|tNe reminiscaris /|rJohn Wilbye ;|tBorn is the 
       Babe /|ranon. --|tSongs from the Oxford manuscripts, and 
       later play-songs.|tEliza, her name gives honour ;|tVenus' 
       birds /|rJohn Bennet ;|tCuckoo ;|tIn a merry May morn ;
       |tJoan, quoth John ;|tNo more, good herdsman, of thy song 
       ;|tSweet, they say such virtue lies in your lips ;|tI am 
       not I of such belief (I) /|rRichard Nicholson ;|tI am not 
       I of such belief (II) ;|tWere I made juror ;|tSmiths are 
       good fellows /|rWilliam Wigthorpe ;|tOf all jolly pastimes
       ;|tWhat meat eats the Spaniard? ;|tHold, lingel, hold ;
       |gThe|tdark is my delight ;|tThis merry pleasant spring ;
       |tWhen Daphne from fair Phoebus did fly ;|tSweet was the 
       song the Virgin sung /|ranon. ;|tSorrow, come /|rJohn 
       Dowland ;|gThe|tcries of London /|rThomas Weelkes ;|gThe
       |tcries of London /|rOrlando Gibbons ;|gThe|tcry of London
       /|ranon. ;|gThe|tcity cries ;|gThe|tcountry cries /
       |rRichard Dering ;|tNew fashions /|rWilliam Cobbold. 
650  0 Songs with string ensemble|vScores. 
650  0 Sacred songs with string ensemble|vScores. 
650  0 Part songs, English. 
700 1  Brett, Philip. 
830  0 Musica Britannica ;|v22. 
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