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100 1  Lorde, Audre,|eauthor. 
245 10 Undersong :|bchosen poems, old and new /|cAudre Lorde. 
250    Revised edition. 
264  1 New York :|bW.W. Norton & Company,|c[1992] 
264  4 |c©1992 
300    xv, 206 pages ;|c22 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Revised edition of: Chosen poems, old and new. 1982. 
505 00 |gpt. 1.|tFrom Coal, First Cities, and Cables to Rage.
       |tMemorial.|tMemorial II.|tReturn.|tTo A Girl Who Knew 
       What Side Her Bread Was Buttered On.|tOaxaca.|tGemini.
       |tPirouette.|tThe Maiden.|tEcho.|tSuspension.|tFather Son 
       And Holy Ghost.|tFather, The Year Has Fallen.|tBloodbirth.
       |tCoal.|tSong.|tConversation In Crisis.|tNow That I Am 
       Forever With Child.|tWhat My Child Learns Of The Sea.|tThe
       Woman Thing.|tAnd What About The Children.|tSuffer The 
       Children.|tSpring People.|tGeneration.|tBridge Through My 
       Window.|tA Family Resemblance.|tSummer Oracle.|tRites Of 
       Passage.|tRooming Houses Are Old Women.|tOn A Night Of The
       Full Moon.|tHard Love Rock.|tWhen The Saints Come Marching
       In.|tDreams Bite.|tThe Dozens.|tFantasy And Conversation.
       |tSowing.|tMartha.|tPoem For A Poet.|tStory Books On A 
       Kitchen Table --|gpt. 2.|tFrom A Land Where Other People 
       Live.|tEquinox.|tThe Seventh Sense.|tChange Of Season.
       |tFor Each Of You.|tNew Year's Day.|tGood Mirrors Are Not 
       Cheap.|tAs I Grow Up Again.|tNeighbors.|tLove, Maybe.
       |tConclusion.|tThe Winds Of Orisha.|tWho Said It Was 
       Simple.|tThe Day They Eulogized Mahalia.|tProgress Report.
       |tBlack Mother Woman.|tTeacher.|tGeneration II.|tRelevant 
       Is Different Points On The Circle.|tDear Toni ...
       |tPrologue.|tMoving Out Or The End Of Cooperative Living.
       |tSigns.|tMovement Song --|gpt. 3.|tFrom New York Head 
       Shop and Museum.|tMentor.|tRevolution Is One Form Of 
       Social Change.|tThe American Cancer Society Or There Is 
       More Than One Way To Skin A Coon.|tA Sewerplant Grows In 
       Harlem Or I'm A Stranger Here Myself.|tCables To Rage Or 
       I've Been Talking On This Street Corner.|tRelease Time.
       |tBallad From Childhood.|tNew York City.|tTo The Girl Who 
       Lives In A Tree.|tHard Love Rock II.|tLove Poem.|tSong For
       A Thin Sister.|tSt. Louis A City Out of Time.|tTo My 
       Daughter The Junkie On A Train.|tThe Bees.|tA Birthday 
       Memorial To Seventh Street.|tMy Fifth Trip To Washington 
       Ended In Northeast Delaware.|tBarren.|tSeparation.
       |tVietnam Addenda.|tThe Workers Rose On May Day Or 
       Postscript to Karl Marx.|tKeyfoods.|tA Trip On The Staten 
       Island Ferry.|tNow.|tMemorial III -- From A Phone Booth On
       Broadway.|tAnd Don't Think I Won't Be Waiting.|tFor My 
       Singing Sister.|tMonkeyman.|tOya.|tThe Brown Menace Or 
       Poem To The Survival Of Roaches.|tSacrifice.|tBlackstudies
       --|gpt. 4.|tNew Poems 1978-1982.|tThe Evening News.|tZa Ki
       Tan Ke Parlay Lot.|tAfterimages.|tA Poem For Women In 
       Rage.|tOctober.|tSister, Morning Is A Time For Miracles.
       |tNeed: A Chorale For Black Woman Voices. 
586    Lambda Literary Award, 1992 
650  0 Lesbians' writings, American. 
650  0 African American lesbians|vPoetry. 
650  7 African American lesbians.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00799221 
650  7 Lesbians' writings, American.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00996595 
655  7 Poetry.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423828 
655  7 food.|2aat 
700 1  Lorde, Audre.|tChosen poems, old and new. 
856 41 |3Table of contents|uhttp://www.gbv.de/dms/bowker/toc/
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948    MARS 
994    C0|bBKL 
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