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100 1  Kepnes, Matthew. 
245 10 Ten Years a Nomad /|cMatthew Kepnes. 
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520    Part travel memoir and part philosophical look at why we 
       travel, filled with stories of Matt Kepnes' adventures 
       abroad, an exploration of wanderlust and what it truly 
       means to be a nomad. "Matt is possibly the most well-
       traveled person I know ... His knowledge and passion for 
       understanding the world is unrivaled, and never fails to 
       amaze me."?Mark Manson, New York Times bestselling author 
       of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck Ten Years a Nomad 
       is New York Times bestselling author Matt Kepnes' poignant
       exploration of wanderlust and what it truly means to be a 
       nomad. Part travel memoir and part philosophical look at 
       why we travel, it is filled with aspirational stories of 
       Kepnes' many adventures. New York Times bestselling author
       of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, Matt Kepnes knows
       what it feels like to get the travel bug. Wanderlust is a 
       powerful thing. After quitting his 9-5 job more than ten 
       years ago, he realized that living life meant more for him
       than simply meeting traditional milestones like buying a 
       car, paying a mortgage, and moving up the career ladder. 
       With almost nothing tangible to show for it after 
       traveling over 500,000 miles and staying in 1,000 
       different hostels in 90 different countries, Matt has 
       compiled his favorite stories and experiences in this 
       travel manifesto to show a different side of life. Filled 
       with the color and perspective that only hindsight and 
       self-reflection can offer, these stories get to the real 
       questions at the heart of wanderlust. Travel questions 
       that transcend the basic "how-to," and plumb the depths of
       "why now" and "what for." Ten Years a Nomad is for travel 
       junkies, the travel-curious, and anyone interested in what
       you can learn about the world when you don't have a cable 
       bill for a decade or spend a month not wearing any shoes 
       living on the beach for a few bucks a day. 
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