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  Verse satires -- See Verse satire   1
  Verse stories -- See Stories in rhyme   1
  Verse translating -- See Poetry Translating   1
  Verses (Poetry) -- See Poetry
--subdivision Poetry under names of countries, cities, etc., individual persons and corporate bodies, and under classes of persons, ethnic groups, individual wars, names of deities and mythological or legendary figures, and under individual and groups of fictitious and legendary characters, and topical headings; and headings for poetry qualified by linguistic, national, or regional terms, e.g. Yiddish poetry; American poetry; West African poetry
  Versification -- 5 Related Subjects   5
Versification.   15
Versification Arabic Language   2
Versification Arabic Language Ocolc Fst00812458 : Ladhīdh al-ṭarab bi-naẓm buḥūr al-ʻArab / taʼlīf al-Shaykh Muḥammad ibn Saʻd ibn Sulaymān ibn ʻAyyād al-Marḥūmī ; taḥqīq D. Ṭarrāf Ṭāriq al-Nahār.  2017 1
Versification Beowulf   3
Versification Browning Robert 1812 1889 : The versification of Robert Browning.  1968 1
Versification Celtic Languages : Early Celtic versecraft: origin, development, diffusion.  1973 1
Versification Chaucer Geoffrey 1400   2
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