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245 04 The reducetarian solution :|bhow the surprisingly simple 
       act of reducing the amount of meat in your diet can 
       transform your health and the planet /|cedited by Brian 
       Kateman ; foreword by Mark Bittman ; recipes by Pat 
264  1 New York, New York :|bTarcherPerigee, an imprint of 
       Penguin Random House LLC,|c[2017] 
300    xviii, 302 pages ;|c23 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |gMind.|gThe|tbizarre forces that drive people to eat too 
       much mean /|rDavid Robinson Simon ;|gThe|telement of 
       surprise /|rTania Luna ;|gA|tlittle less lonely in my 
       corner of the world /|rJoanna Zelman ;|tCannibalism is 
       natural too /|rRichard Wrangham ;|tOn where and how to 
       draw the line /|rDale Peterson ;|tTricked! /|rSeth Godin ;
       |tLess meat, more dough /|rPaul Shapiro ;|gA|tnudge in the
       right direction /|rPer Espen Stoknes and Bradley Swain ;
       |gThe|tfuture of food /|rJosh Balk ;|gThe|tmoral arc of 
       animal rights /|rMichael Shermer ;|tHe won't reduce his 
       meat eating! /|rSusan Page ;|tBeyond carnism /|rMelanie 
       Joy ;|tSimple strategies for success /|rTerra Wellington ;
       |tWhy we crave meat in the first place /|rMarta Zaraska ;
       |gThe|tpornography and sexual politics of eating meat /
       |rCarol J. Adams ;|gThe|tinner lives of farmed animals /
       |rJacy Reese and Peter Singer ;|tBuddhism and butchery /
       |rDavid Barash ;|tDeviant eats: learning from misfits /
       |rAlexa Clay ;|tFrom MRES to McRibs: military influence on
       American meat eating /|rAnastacia Marx de Salcedo ;|tGoing
       "cold tofu" /|rMarc Bekoff ;|tChristianity's complicated 
       relationship to food /|rKaren Swallow Prior ;|tTechnicolor
       meatscapes: welcome to a post-animal bioeconomy /|rMeera 
       Zassenhaus ;|tEffective reducetarianism /|rWilliam 
       MacAskill ;|tYou can do anything! /|rMyq Kaplan ;|gAn
       |tanthropological survey of carnivory and morality /|rAvi 
       Tuschman ;|gThe|tpower of film to expose the meat industry
       and change lives /|rMark Devries ;|tThree mental hacks to 
       help you be a reducetarian /|rNick Cooney ;|tTurning to 
       technology: meat and artificial intelligence /|rStuart 
       Armstrong --|gBody.|tHow much meat are we designed to eat?
       /|rChris Stringer and Brenna Hassett ;|tListen to your 
       body /|rElise Museles ;|tYou are what your microbes eat /
       |rAlanna Collen ;|tHow to satisfy young fussy eaters /
       |rGinny Messina ;|gThe|tmeat lobby, the politicians, and 
       U.S. nutrition /|rJeffrey Sachs ;|tFrom compulsive eating 
       to conscious eating /|rVictoria Moran ;|gThe|tchallenge of
       feeding less meat to dogs and cats /|rPete Wedderburn ;
       |tWhat champion athletes eat to stay on top of their game 
       /|rGene Baur ;|gThe|tomega-3 paradox: how we became 
       deficient in the most abundant fat on the planet /|rSusan 
       Allport ;|tHow to live long and die well /|rGene Stone ;
       |tFall in love with plants /|rSharon Palmer ;|tFood, 
       reproduction, and the evolution of the human body /|rDavid
       Bainbridge ;|tSeeking the optimal diet to maximize disease
       reversal and longevity /|rJoel Fuhrman ;|gA|tdeadly game 
       of telephone: from the research lab to your Facebook feed 
       /|rHoward Jacobson ;|tBuilding your body with plants /
       |rRobert Cheeke ;|tHuman health and the mythology of meat 
       /|rDavid L. Katz ;|tMeatless Monday: one day a week, cut 
       out meat /|rSid Lerner ;|tIt's time to eat! /|rLindsay 
       Nixon ;|tAntibiotic resistance at the meat counter /
       |rLance B. Price ;|tWisdom from Margaret Mead /|rBee 
       Wilson ;|tFarm to school and salad bars: getting kids 
       eating more fruit and veggies! /|rAnn Cooper --|gPlanet.
       |tRoll your own: weekday vegetarian /|rGraham Hill ;|tMeat
       is precious /|rBill McKibben ;|tLess meat takes a bite out
       of global hunger /|rDawn Moncrief ;|tWhen a global 
       catastrophe strikes /|rDavid Denkenberger ;|gAn|tuncertain
       phosphorus future /|rWill Brownlie ;|tTipping the energy 
       scales /|rDale Jamieson ;|tReplenishing a thirsty planet /
       |rWendy Pabich ;|gThe|thumane meat myth /|rJames 
       McWilliams ;|tFood from the sea /|rNancy Knowlton ;|gThe
       |tnitrogen story /|rMark A Sutton and Clare M. Howard ;
       |gThe|tfalse dichotomy of living well and living gently /
       |rNaomi Oreskes ;|tThrough alien eyes /|rNigel Henbest and
       Heather Couper ;|tGlobal mega-trends and the role of the 
       food business /|rAndrew Winston ;|tFeeding the world and 
       making room for all species /|rEmma Marris ;|tIt's about 
       much more than meat /|rJoan Dye Gussow ;|tInsects, they're
       what's for dinner /|rDaniella Martin ;|tMaking the 
       invisible visible: exploitation of livestock workers 
       supports the meat industry /|rMolly Anderson ;|tHelp save 
       the planet: take the 1/2 CO2E challenge! /|rOscar E. 
       Fernandez ;|gThe|tfood desert phenomenon /|rHillary Shaw ;
       |gThe|tglobal map of who eats too much meat /|rBenjamin 
       Hennig and Danny dorling ;|tPerishing possessions /
       |rTristram Stuart ;|tGrowing food in a community garden /
       |rKaren Washington ;|tHow language, food, and identity 
       intersect /|rSamuel Boerboom --|tRecipes /|rPat Crocker. 
520    "Brian Kateman coined the term 'Reducetarian--a person who
       is deliberately reducing his or her consumption of meat--
       and a global movement was born. In this book, Kateman, the
       founder of the Reducetarian Foundation, presents more than
       70 original essays from influential thinkers on how the 
       simple act of cutting 10% or more of the meat from one's 
       diet can transform the life of the reader, animals, and 
       the planet. This book features contributions from such 
       luminaries as Seth Godin, Joel Fuhrman, Victoria Moran, 
       Jeffrey Sachs, Bill McKibben, Naomi Oreskes, Peter Singer,
       and others. With over 40 vegan, vegetarian, and 'less 
       meat' recipes from bestselling cookbook author Pat Crocker,
       as well as tons of practical tips for reducing the meat in
       your diet (for example, skip eating meat with dinner if 
       you ate it with lunch; replace your favorite egg omelet 
       with a tofu scramble; choose a veggie burrito instead of a
       beef burrito; declare a meatless day of the week), The 
       Reducetarian Solution is a life--not to mention planet!--
       saving book"--|cProvided by publisher. 
650  0 Nutrition. 
650  0 Food habits. 
650  0 Meat|xHealth aspects. 
650  0 Vegetarianism|xHealth aspects. 
650  0 Self-care, Health. 
650  7 Food habits.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00930807 
650  7 Meat|xHealth aspects.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01013221 
650  7 Nutrition.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01042187 
650  7 Self-care, Health.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01111506 
650  7 Vegetarianism|xHealth aspects.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01164898 
655  7 Popular works.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423846 
700 1  Kateman, Brian,|eeditor. 
700 1  Bittman, Mark,|ewriter of foreword. 
700 1  Crocker, Pat,|ewriter of supplementary textual content. 
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948    MARS 
994    C0|bBKL 
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