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100 1  Campbell, Thomas M.,|cII. 
245 14 The Campbell plan :|bthe simple way to lose weight and 
       reverse illness, using the China Study's whole-food, plant
       -based diet /|cThomas Campbell, MD, co-author of The China
       Study ; foreword by T. Colin Campbell, PhD. 
264  1 [Emmaus, Pennsylvania] :|bRodale Books,|c[2015] 
300    xvii, 285 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
520    In 2005, T. Colin Campbell, PhD, and Thomas Campbell, MD, 
       co-authored The China Study, in which they detailed 
       research results showing that a whole-food, plant-based 
       diet has the potential to prevent and reverse many chronic
       diseases. The China Study became a worldwide phenomenon, 
       inspiring countless readers to reinvigorate their health 
       by making better food choices. Now The Campbell Plan goes 
       beyond the why and shows readers how to make the 
       transition--and enjoy the journey--with practical guidance
       and a simple plan to make a whole-food, plant-based 
       lifestyle easy and sustainable. Dr. Campbell addresses the
       most contentious questions: Is soy healthy? Should you eat
       gluten? Do you need to eat organic? Should you eat fish? 
       Is GMO dangerous? How should you feed your kids? Just as 
       important, readers will learn the behavioral principles to
       succeed in their journey, as well as what to stock in the 
       kitchen, how to read labels and shop, and how to navigate 
       social and eating-out situations. Included are more than 
       55 recipes from favorite sources and a 2-week menu plan. 
       Whether readers wish to lose weight, reverse disease, or 
       just have the best health of their lives, The Campbell 
       Plan provides the step-by-step guidance to achieve their 
       goals.--From publisher description. 
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