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121   Act to Make Valid and Enforcable Written Provisions orAgreements for Arbitration of Disputes Arising out of Contracts, Maritime Transactions, or Commerce Among the States or Territories or with Foreign Nations -- See United States Arbitration Act   1
122   Act to Move the United States Toward Greater Energy Independence and Security, to Increase the Production of Clean Renewable Fuels, to Protect Consumers, to Increase the Efficiency ofProducts, Buildings, and Vehicles, to Promote Research On and Deploy Greenhouse Gas Capture and Storage Options, and to Improve the Energy Performance of the Federal Government, and for Other Purposes -- See Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007   1
123   Act to Organize the Territories of Nebraska and Kansas -- See Kansas-Nebraska Act   1
124   Act to Partition Certain Reservation Lands between the Hoopa Valley Tribe and the Yurok Indians, to Clarify the Use of Tribal Timber Proceeds ... -- See Hoopa-Yurok Settlement Act   1
125   Act to Prepare the National Park Service for Its Centennial in 2016 and for a Second Century of Promoting and Protecting the Natural, Historic, and Cultural Resources of Our National Parks for the Enjoyment of Present and Future Generations, and for Other Purposes -- See National Park Service Centennial Act   1
126   Act to prohibit discrimination on account of sex in the payment of wages by employers engaged in commerce or in the production of goods for commerce -- See Equal Pay Act of 1963   1
127   Act to Prohibit Discrimination on the Basis of Genetic Information with Respect to Health Insurance and Employment -- See Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008   1
128   Act to Promote Accessibility, Accountability, and Openness in Government by Strengthening Section 552 of Title 5, United States Code (Commonly Referred to as the Freedom of Information Act), and for Other Purposes -- See Openness Promotes Effectiveness in Our National Government Act of 2007 or the OPEN Government Act of 2007   1
129   Act to Promote Competition and Reduce Regulation in Order to Secure Lower Prices and Higher Quality Services for American Telecommunications Consumers and Encourage the Rapid Deployment of New Telecommunications Technologies -- See Telecommunications Act of 1996   1
130   Act to Promote Human Rights and Freedom in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea ... -- See North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004   1
131   Act to Promote the Financial Stability of the United States by Improving Accountability and Transparency in the Financial System, to End "Too Big to Fail", To Protect the American Consumer by Ending Bailouts, to Protect Consumers from Abusive Financial Services Practices, and for Other Purposes -- See Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act   1
132   Act to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation and Violent Crime, to Prevent Child Abuse and Child Pornography, to Promote Internet Safety, and to Honor the Memory of Adam Walsh and Other Child Crime Victims -- See Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006   1
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