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100 1  ├ůslund, Anders,|d1952- 
245 10 How capitalism was built :|bthe transformation of Central 
       and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia /|cAnders 
264  1 Cambridge ;|aNew York, NY :|bCambridge University Press,
300    xvi, 356 pages :|billustrations ;|c23 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
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504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 315-342) and 
505 0  Communism and its demise. Real socialism. Decline and fall
       of socialism.  The demise of communism in Central Europe. 
       The collapse of the Soviet Union -- Shock therapy vs. 
       gradualism. The radical reform program : a big bang. 
       Gradual reform programs. Rent seeking : the scourge of 
       transition. Criticism of radical reform after the Russian 
       financial crash -- Output : slump and recovery. Sharp 
       decline in recorded output and varied recovery. 
       Exaggeration of the slump. Radical reform : least decline 
       and early recovery. Late reformers : surged after 1998 -- 
       Liberalization : the creation of a market economy. 
       Different strategies of deregulation. Liberalization of 
       foreign trade. Labor market policy. Combat of monopoly : 
       gas and coal. A big bang : vital in deregulation -- From 
       hyperinflation to financial stability. Establishing 
       national currencies. Radical fiscal adjustment was key. 
       Tax policy : from social democratic to liberal. Monetary 
       policy : from loose to strict. Exchange rates : currency 
       board or free float. Dramas of financial stabilization -- 
       Privatization : the establishment of private property 
       rights. Differing aims of privatization. Small-scale 
       privatization : if started, swiftly done. Large-scale 
       privatization : the biggest headache. Privatization of 
       land, real estate, and housing. New enterprise development
       : the ultimate success. Great achievements of 
       privatization. Vital : speed and legitimacy of property 
       rights -- An inefficient social system. Incomes : 
       differentiation and poverty. Life and health. Education 
       adjusting to demand. Social transfers and pension reform. 
       Alternative social models -- Democracy vs 
       authoritarianism. Democratic breakthrough : critical for 
       successful transformation. An under-reform trap. Renewed 
       democratization : colored revolutions. Parties, electoral 
       rules, and constitutions. How to tame the leviathan : 
       reform of the communist state. Public opinion and 
       ideology. Democracy and democracy aid -- From crime toward
       law. An explosion of crime. Attempts at building a legal 
       system. Corruption : the bane of transition -- The role of
       oligarchs. Who are the oligarchs? The economics of 
       oligarchy. The politics of oligarchy. Complaints : a 
       matter of ideology. A question of property rights. Putin's
       alternative : centralized dictatorship -- The role of 
       international assistance. The dream of Europe. Western 
       failure to act in the East. Trade policy : a gulf between 
       the EU and the CIS. International assistance : 
       insufficient but crucial -- Conclusions : a world 
       transformed. Different models. Achievements and 
       revelations. Why certain polices worked while others did 
650  0 Post-communism|zFormer communist countries. 
650  0 Privatization|zFormer communist countries. 
651  0 Former communist countries|xEconomic policy. 
651  0 Former communist countries|xEconomic conditions. 
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