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245 04 The New York Times book of physics and astronomy :|bmore 
       than 100 years of covering the expanding universe /
       |cedited by Cornelia Dean ; foreword by Neil deGrasse 
246 30 Book of physics and astronomy 
264  1 New York :|bSterling,|c[2013] 
300    xviii, 557 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  The New York Times series 
500    Includes index. 
505 0  Chapter 2. THE PRACTICAL ATOM. Wireless Signals across the
       Ocean -- Light-Energy Ideas Told by Millikan -- Compton to
       Strive for Atomic Energy -- Radar-I / Hanson W. Baldwin --
       Radar-II / Hanson W. Baldwin -- Dec. 2, 1942-The Birth of 
       the Atomic Age / William L. Laurence -- Drama of the 
       Atomic Bomb Found Climax in July 16 Test / William L. 
       Laurence -- Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki Told by Flight 
       Member / William L. Laurence -- Visit to Hiroshima Proves 
       Its World's Most-Damaged City / William H. Lawrence -- 
       Five Atomic Piles in Operation Here -- Tiny Radios Made by
       Armed Services / T.R. Kennedy Jr. -- Ending of All Life by
       Hydrogen Bomb Held a Possibility / William L. Laurence -- 
       Major Gains Seen in New Amplifiers / William L. Laurence -
       - Hydrogen Is Fused for Peace or War / William L. Laurence
       -- Silicon "Battery" Represents a New Approach in Long 
       Efforts to Harness Sun's Power / Waldemar Kaempffert -- 
       New "All-Transistor" Calculator May Surpass Electronic 
       Models -- The Laser Lights Up the Future Maya Pines -- New
       Photo Technique Projects a World of Three-Dimensional 
       Views / Walter Sullivan -- Nuclear Power Gain Reported, 
       But Experts Express Doubts / Malcolm W. Browne -- Claim of
       Achieving Fusion in Jar Gains Support in Two Experiments /
       Malcolm W. Browne -- Physicists Debunk Claim of a New Kind
       of Fusion / Malcolm W. Browne -- In the Quantum World, 
       Keys to New Codes / James Glanz -- Computing, One Atom at 
       a Time / George Johnson -- Brain Surgery, Without Knife or
       Blood, Gains Favor / Laurie Tarkin. 
505 0  Chapter 3. THE FATE OF THE UNIVERSE. The Greatest 
       Telescope in the World / Garrett P. Serviss -- Einstein 
       Expounds His New Theory -- Lights All Askew in the Heavens
       -- Science Seeks Secret of Life in Star Rays / Waldemar 
       Kaempffert -- Giant Telescope of Immense Range to Dwarf 
       All Others -- Studies of the Cosmic Ray Point to Endless 
       Creation / William L. Laurence -- New Radio Waves Traced 
       to Center of the Milky Way -- New Dimensions Given to 
       Universe / William L. Laurence -- Finds Galaxy Goes 100 
       Miles a Second / Lawrence E. Davies -- Palomar Observers 
       Dazzled in First Use of 200-inch Lens / William L. 
       Laurence -- Studies Reported in Star Evolution / William 
       L. Laurence -- Universe Growing, Dr. Hubble Thinks -- 
       Birth of Universe Traced to Blast / William L. Laurence --
       Radio Telescope to Expose Space / John W. Finney -- Rival 
       Cosmologies / Walter Sullivan -- Satellite Challenges 
       Theory of Universe / John W. Finney -- Signals Imply a 
       "Big Bang" Universe / Walter Sullivan -- An X-Ray Scanning
       Satellite May Have Discovered a "Black Hole" in Space / 
       Walter Sullivan -- End of Universe in "Black Hole" 
       Foreseen / Walter Sullivan -- First Photo Taken by New 
       Telescope / Walter Sullivan -- Galaxy's Speed through 
       Universe Found to Exceed a Million MPH / Walter Sullivan -
       - Antennas Sharpen Radio "View" of Heavens / Walter 
       Sullivan -- Island in Hawaii Is Becoming a World Astronomy
       Center / Walter Sullivan -- Gravity "Lens" Is Found in 
       Space / Walter Sullivan -- "Big Bang" Has a Revival in New
       View of Universe / Walter Sullivan -- Cosmic Powerhouse 
       Finally Seen in Detail / Walter Sullivan -- New View of 
       Universe Shows Sea of Bubbles to Which Stars Cling / 
       Walter Sullivan -- Powerful Source of Gravity Detected 
       Deep in the Universe / Walter Sullivan -- Huge Stellar 
       Explosion Detected Close Enough for Careful Study / 
       Malcolm W. Browne -- Elated by Supernova, Astronomers 
       Watch Their Theories Come to Life / Malcolm W. Browne -- 
       Massive Clusters of Galaxies Defy Concepts of the Universe
       / John Noble Wilford -- Shuttle Soars 381 Miles High, with
       Telescope and a Dream / John Noble Wilford -- 5,000-Mile 
       Radio Telescope Set to Probe Depths of Time and Space / 
       Malcolm W. Browne -- Big Bang's Defenders Weigh "Fudge 
       Factor," a Blunder of Einstein's, as Fix for New Crisis / 
       John Noble Wilford -- Age of Universe Is Now Settled, 
       Astronomer Says / Malcolm W. Browne -- New Era Is Promised
       for Optical Telescopes / Malcolm W. Browne -- At Other End
       of "Big Bang" May Simply Be a Big Sputter / John Noble 
       Wilford -- Peek at Black Holes' Feast Reveals Awful Table 
       Manners / John Noble Wilford -- In Chilean Desert, 
       Observatory for 21st Century Takes Shape / John Noble 
       Wilford -- Pictures Give Hints of Universe at Its Dawn / 
       John Noble Wilford -- Where Does the Time Go? Forward, 
       Physics Shows / Malcolm W. Browne -- Hubble Telescope 
       Yields Data for Recalculating Age of Universe / John Noble
       Wilford -- Galaxies' Vastness Surprises Scientists / James
       Glanz -- In the Dark Matter Wars, Wimps Beat Machos / 
       James Glanz -- Before the Big Bang There Was ... What? / 
       Dennis Overbye -- A New View of Our Universe: Only One of 
       Many / Dennis Overbye -- Radio Telescope Proves a Big Bang
       Prediction / Dennis Overbye -- Cosmos Sits for Early 
       Portrait, Gives Up Secrets / Dennis Overbye -- Astronomers
       Report Evidence of "Dark Energy" Splitting the Universe / 
       Dennis Overbye -- Remembrance of Things Future: The 
       Mystery of Time / Dennis Overbye -- A Trip Forward in 
       Time. Your Travel Agent: Einstein / Dennis Overbye -- Dark,
       Perhaps Forever / Dennis Overbye -- The Struggle to 
       Measure Cosmic Expansion / Dennis Overbye -- Particle Hunt
       Nets Almost Nothing; the Hunters Are Almost Thrilled / 
       Dennis Overbye -- There's More to Nothing Than We Knew / 
       Dennis Overbye -- At the End of the Earth, Seeking Clues 
       to the Universe / Simon Romero -- American Physics Dreams 
       Deferred / Dennis Overbye -- Nobel Laureates in Physics --
       Physics Timeline -- Contributors' Biographies. 
505 0  Foreword / Neil deGrasse Tyson -- Introduction: An 
       Invitation to Our Readers / Cornelia Dean -- Chapter 1. 
       THE NATURE OF MATTER. Quantum Theory Tugged, and AH of 
       Physics Unraveled / Dennis Ouerbye -- Investigating Light 
       Waves -- Prof. Röntgen's X-Rays -- Character of the X-Rays
       -- About X-Ray Photography -- The Mystery of Radium -- A 
       Lecture by M. Curie -- Atom of Matter Can Be Detected -- 
       Madame Curie's Genius -- Pictures Electrons Speeding in 
       Atom --Discusses Atom from New Point -- Atomic Theory 
       Clears Some Cosmic Problems / W.J. Luyten -- Details 
       Concepts of Quantum Theory / Waldemar Kaempffert -- Super 
       X-Rays Reveal the Secret of Creation / Waldemar Kaempffert
       -- Tests of the Electron Indicate It Is a Wave / Clinton 
       J. Davisson -- To Speed Hydrogen to Break Up Atoms -- 
       Discovers Neutron, Embryonic Matter -- Chadwick Calls 
       Neutron "Difficult Catch" / Ferdinand Kuhn Jr. -- 
       Bombardment of Atoms -- Jekyll-Hyde Mind Attributed to Man
       / William L. Laurence -- Fermi Measures Speed of Neutron -
       - Bohr and Einstein at Odds / William L. Laurence -- 
       Discovery of the Antiproton Ends a Long Search, Confirms 
       Einstein's Equation / Waldemar Kaempffert -- Discovery of 
       New Particle Called "Crucial Test" of Theory / Walter 
       Sullivan -- Two Men in Search of the Quark / Lee Edson -- 
       Einstein: Relativity in the Kitchen / Walter Sullivan -- 
       Signs of Quark Discovery Cited in Stanford Report / Walter
       Sullivan -- Detection of the Elusive "Gluon" Exciting 
       Scientists / Malcolm W. Browne -- New Quarks Stir Debate 
       on Basic Laws of Nature / Walter Sullivan -- Microscopes 
       Peer Ever Deeper into Small World / Walter Sullivan -- 
       Reagan to Press for $6 Million Dollar Atom Smasher / Ben 
       A. Franklin -- The Supercollider's Demise Disrupts Many 
       Lives and Rattles a Profession / Malcolm W. Browne -- 
       Europe Is Ready to Pick Up the Pieces in Particle Research
       / Barry James -- Top Quark, Last Piece in Puzzle of Matter,
       Appears to Be in Place / William J. Broad -- Physicists 
       Manage to Create the First Antimatter Atoms / Malcolm W. 
       Browne -- Stuck in Traffic? Consult a Physicist / Malcolm 
       W. Browne -- Mass Found in Elusive Particle; Universe May 
       Never Be the Same / Malcolm W. Browne -- Almost in Awe, 
       Physicists Ponder "Ultimate" Theory / George Johnson -- 
       New Dimension in Dance: Thinking Man's Macarena / George 
       Johnson -- In Quantum Feat, Atom Is Seen in Two Places at 
       Once / George Johnson -- Art + Physics = Beautiful Music /
       James Glanz -- No Hope of Silencing the Phantom Crinklers 
       of the Opera / James Glanz -- Scientists Bring Light to 
       Full Stop, Hold It, Then Send It on Its Way / James Glanz 
       -- With Little Evidence, String Theory Gains Influence / 
       James Glanz -- Quantum Stew: How Physicists Are Redefining
       Reality's Rules / George Johnson -- String Theory, at 20, 
       Explains It All (or Not) / Dennis Overbye -- A Giant Takes
       on Physics's Biggest Questions / Dennis Overbye -- 
       Physicists Find Elusive Particle Seen as Key to Universe /
       Dennis Overbye. 
520    "From the discovery of distant galaxies and black holes to
       the tiny interstices of the atom, here is the very best on
       physics and astronomy from the New York Times! The 
       newspaper of record has always prided itself on its award-
       winning science coverage, and these 125 articles from its 
       archives are the very best, covering more than a century 
       of breakthroughs, setbacks, and mysteries. Selected by 
       former science editor Cornelia Dean, they feature such 
       esteemed and Pulitzer Prize-winning writers as Malcolm W. 
       Browne on teleporting, antimatter atoms, and the physics 
       of traffic jams; James Glanz on string theory; George 
       Johnson on quantum physics; William L. Laurence on Bohr 
       and Einstein; Dennis Overbye on the recent discovery of 
       the Higgs Boson; Walter Sullivan on the colliding beam 
       machine; and more"--|cProvided by publisher. 
520    "The best on physics and astronomy from The New York 
       Times! The newspaper of record has always prided itself on
       its coverage of physics and astronomy, realms that have 
       dominated science and the popular imagination like few 
       others, and these 125 articles from its archives feature 
       such esteemed names as Malcolm W. Browne, James Glanz, 
       George Johnson, William L. Laurence, Dennis Overbye, 
       Walter Sullivan, and more. From the discovery of distant 
       galaxies and black holes to the tiny interstices of the 
       atom, these articles cover more than 100 years of 
       breakthroughs, discoveries, setbacks, and mysteries solved
       and unsolved"--|cProvided by publisher. 
520    A treasury of 125 archival articles covers more than a 
       century of scientific breakthroughs, setbacks and 
       mysteries and includes pieces by Pulitzer Prize-winning 
       writers, includes Malcolm W. Browne on antimatter, James 
       Glanz on string theory and George Johnson on quantum 
648  7 1900-1999|2fast 
650  0 American newspapers|xSections, columns, etc. 
650  0 Astronomy|xHistory|y20th century. 
650  0 Physics|xHistory|y20th century. 
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655  7 History.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01411628 
700 1  Dean, Cornelia. 
730 0  New York times. 
830  0 New York times. 
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