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  Mutesa, Edward Frederick William David Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula, Sir -- See Mutesa II, King of Buganda   1
Mutesa II, King of Buganda. : Crisis in Buganda, 1953-55 : the story of the exile and return of the Kabaka, Mutesa II / by Paulo Kavuma.  1979 1
Mutesi, Phiona.   3
  Mutḥaf al-Kuwayt al-Waṭanī -- See Matḥaf al-Kuwayt al-Waṭanī   1
  Mutḥaf al-Miṣrī -- See Matḥaf al-Miṣrī   1
Muti, Riccardo. : Riccardo Muti, an autobiography : first the music, then the words / edited by Marco Grondona ; translated from the Italian by Alta L. Price.  2011 1
  Muti, Rikkardo -- See Muti, Riccardo   1
  Mutilation -- 6 Related Subjects   6
Mutilation -- Case studies.   2
Mutilation -- Comic books, strips, etc. : The man who laughs / written by David Hine ; illustrated by Mark Stafford ; adapted from the novel "L'homme qui rit" by Victor Hugo.  2014 1
Mutilation Defacement Etc Architecture Illinois Chicago : American apocalypse : the great fire and the myth of Chicago / Ross Miller.  1990 1
Mutilation Defacement Etc Art : Stealing history : a deeper understanding to art and cultural crimes / Colleen Margaret Clarke and Eli Jacob Szydlo.  2017 1
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