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History Military West Virginia : The soldiery of West Virginia in the French and Indian War ; Lord Dunmore's War; the Revolution; the later Indian Wars; the Whiskey Insurrection; the Second War with England; the War with Mexico, and addenda relating to West Virginians in the Civil War.  1967 1
History Military Williamsburg New York N Y 18th Century   3
History Military World War 1939 1945 : A short history of World War II.  2020 1
HISTORY -- Military -- World War I.   42
HISTORY / Military / World War II.   213
History -- Miscellanea.   69
History -- Miscellanea -- Chronology. : Children of the days : a calendar of human history / Eduardo Galeano ; translated by Mark Fried.  2013 1
History -- Miscellanea -- Juvenile literature.   15
  History Models -- See Historical models   1
  History, Modern -- See also the narrower term Renaissance   1
History, Modern.   38
HISTORY/Modern/16th Century.   13
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