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100 1  Egan, Sophie,|eauthor. 
245 10 Devoured :|bfrom chicken wings to kale smoothies : how 
       what we eat defines who we are /|cSophie Egan. 
250    Unabridged. 
264  1 [New York] :|bHarperAudio,|c2016. 
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511 0  Read by Ann Richardson. 
520    A provocative look at how and what Americans eat and why--
       a flavorful blend of The Omnivore's Dilemma, Salt Sugar 
       Fat, and Freakonomics that reveals how the way we live 
       shapes the way we eat.Food writer and Culinary Institute 
       of America director Sophie Egan takes readers on an eye-
       opening journey through the American food psyche, 
       examining the connections between the values that define 
       our national character--work, freedom, and progress--and 
       our eating habits, the good and the bad. Egan explores why
       these values make for such an unstable, and often 
       unhealthy, food culture and, paradoxically, why they also 
       make America's cuisine so great.Egan raises a host of 
       intriguing questions: Why does McDonald's have 107 items 
       on its menu? Why are breakfast sandwiches, protein bars, 
       and gluten-free anything so popular? Will bland, soulless 
       meal replacements like Soylent revolutionize our 
       definition of a meal? The search for answers takes her 
       across the culinary landscape, from the prioritization of 
       convenience over health to the unintended consequences of 
       "perks" like free meals for employees; from the American 
       obsession with "having it our way" to the surge of 
       Starbucks, Chipotle, and other chains individualizing the 
       eating experience; from high culture--artisan and organic 
       and what exactly "natural" means--to low culture--the sale
       of 100 million Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos in ten weeks.
       She also looks at how America's cuisine--like the nation 
       itself--has been shaped by diverse influences from across 
       the globe.Devoured weaves together insights from the 
       fields of psychology, anthropology, food science, and 
       behavioral economics as well as myriad examples from daily
       life to create a powerful and unique look at food in 
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       (OverDrive, viewed May 13, 2016). 
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