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100 1  Szabó, Magda,|d1917-2007,|eauthor. 
240 10 Abigél.|lEnglish 
245 10 Abigail /|cMagda Szabó ; translated from the Hungarian by 
       Lex Rix. 
264  1 New York :|bNew York Review Books,|c[2020] 
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520    From the author of The Door, a beloved coming-of-age tale 
       set in WWII-era Hungary.Abigail, the story of a headstrong
       teenager growing up during World War II, is the most 
       beloved of Magda Szabó's books in her native 
       Hungary. Gina is the only child of a general, a widower 
       who has long been happy to spoil his bright and willful 
       daughter. Gina is devastated when the general tells her 
       that he must go away on a mission and that he will be 
       sending her to boarding school in the country. She is even
       more aghast at the grim religious institution to which she
       soon finds herself consigned. She fights with her fellow 
       students, she rebels against her teachers, finds herself 
       completely ostracized, and runs away. Caught and brought 
       back, there is nothing for Gina to do except entrust her 
       fate to the legendary Abigail, as the classical statue of 
       a woman with an urn that stands on the school's grounds 
       has come to be called. If you're in trouble, it's said, 
       leave a message with Abigail and help will be on the way. 
       And for Gina, who is in much deeper trouble than she could
       possibly suspect, a life-changing adventure is only 
       beginning.There is something of Jane Austen in this story 
       of the deceptiveness of appearances; fans of J.K. Rowling 
       are sure to enjoy Szabó's picture of irreverent 
       students, eccentric teachers, and boarding-school life. 
       Above all, however, Abigail is a thrilling tale of 
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650  0 Fathers and daughters|vFiction. 
650  0 World War, 1939-1945|zHungary|vFiction. 
650  0 Young adult fiction, Hungarian|vTranslated into English. 
651  0 Hungary|xHistory|y1918-1945|vFiction. 
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655  7 Historical fiction.|2lcgft 
655  7 Young adult fiction.|2gsafd 
700 1  Rix, Len,|etranslator. 
700 1  |iTranslation of (work):|aSzabó, Magda,|d1917-2007,
710 2  OverDrive, Inc.,|edistributor. 
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