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English language -- Dictionaries -- Danish. : McKay's modern Danish-English, English-Danish dictionary / by Hermann Vinterberg and Jens Axelsen.  1965? 1
English language -- Dictionaries -- Dari. : Dari : Dari-English, English-Dari dictionary & phrasebook / Nicholas Awde ; with Asmatullah Sarwan and Saeid Davatolhagh & Sami Aziz.  2002 1
English language -- Dictionaries -- Dutch.   5
English language -- Dictionaries -- Dutch -- Early works to 1800. : A new and complete dictionary of the English and Dutch languages; with a vocabulary of proper names, geographical, historical, &c. In two parts; I. English and Dutch, II. Dutch and English. Compiled chiefly from the quarto dictionary of William Sewel; and containing not only all the words to be found in that dictionary, but also numerous and important additions, collected from the best authorities in both languages. Distinguishing the preterits and participles of all the verbs, as well in English as in Dutch, with the genders of the Dutch substantives and their diminuitives. Including also, in the second part, all such foreign words of general use as have been incorporated into the Dutch language, and which have never before appeared, as part of it, in any dictionary. By Samuel Hull Wilcocke.  1798 1
English language -- Dictionaries -- Early works to 1700.   5
English language -- Dictionaries -- Efik. : Dictionary of the Efïk language : in two parts : I.-Efïk and English; II.-English and Efïk / Hugh Goldie.  1964 1
English language -- Dictionaries -- English (Old English)   2
English language -- Dictionaries -- Eskimo. : Dictionary; English-Eskimo; Eskimo-English.  1958 1
English language -- Dictionaries -- Esperanto. : English-Esperanto dictionary / by Fleming Fulcher ... and Bernard Long ...  1925 1
English language -- Dictionaries -- Fijian. : A new Fijian dictionary / comp. for the government of Fiji.  1941 1
English language -- Dictionaries -- French.   72
English language -- Dictionaries -- French Creole. : Haitian Creole dictionary & phrasebook : Haitian Creole-English / English-Haitian Creole / Charmant Theodore.  2008 1
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