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100 1  Viegas, Francisco José. 
245 10 Longe de Manaus /|cFrancisco José Viegas. 
250    1a. edition. 
264  1 Porto :|bPorto Editora,|c2013. 
300    479 pages ;|c21 cm. 
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490 1  Obras de Francisco José Viegas 
520    After launching an investigation into the death of an 
       unknown man found in an apartment Area of Porto, Jaime 
       Ramos is taken to examine the paths that transport between
       Portugal, Brazil and Angola memory. This triangle live 
       lonely characters who disappear without a trace and whose 
       biographies tries to rebuild from scratch, bailing only 
       your imagination. This route will transport the reader to 
       Beirut nineteenth century to the heart of the Amazon to 
       Manaus and contemporary, from Porto to Sao Paulo from 
       Luanda to Rio de Janeiro and Amapá, the war in Angola and 
       Guinea to empty apartments which are collected corpses , 
       memories and silences. This crossing geographies and types
       in humans causes hallucinations narrator himself, who now 
       writes in Portuguese of Portugal, now in Portuguese of 
       Brazil, and the investigator Jaime Ramos, who is forced to
       invent stories of destruction to their world has some 
       sense . Rebuilding the very language of the crime novel, 
       subverting its rules, written in different languages and 
       tones, Far from Manaus is the romance of solitude 
       Portuguese, distant and blurred picture of a country 
       abandoned to their memories and to their disappearance. 
546    In Portuguese. 
586    "Grande Prémio de Romance e Novela da APE"--Cover. 
650  0 Detective and mystery stories, Portuguese. 
830  0 Obras de Francisco José Viegas. 
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