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100 1  Reynolds, Luke,|eauthor. 
245 10 Fantastic failures :|btrue stories of people who changed 
       the world by falling down first /|cwritten by Luke 
250    Beyond Words/Aladdin edition. 
264  1 New York :|bAladdin ;|aHillsboro, Oregon :|bBeyond Words,
264  4 |c©2018 
300    xv, 288 pages :|billustrations, portraits ;|c22 cm 
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505 0  J.K. Rowling -- The flop files: Oprah Winfrey -- Nelson 
       Mandela -- Ilhan Omar -- Seabiscuit -- The flop files: 
       Sergeant Stubby (the dog) -- Albert Einstein -- Rosa Parks
       -- The flop files: Gillian Lynne -- Katherine Johnson -- 
       The flop files: Steve Jobs -- Charles Dutton -- Elena 
       Delle Donne -- The flop files: Ellen DeGeneres -- Om 
       Prakash Gurjar -- The flop files: Salvador Castro -- Erik 
       Weihernmayer -- Zuriel Oduwole -- The flop files: Vera 
       Wang -- Vincent van Gogh -- James Dyson -- The flop files:
       Woodward Throwbacks -- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf -- The flop 
       files: Malala Yousafzai -- Christopher Reeve -- Michelle 
       Carter -- The flop files: George Cormack -- Steven 
       Spielberg -- The flop files: Conan O'Brien -- Shamayim 
       Harris -- Duke Kahanamoku -- The flop files: Derek Redmond
       -- Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah -- Maryam Mirzakhani -- The flop 
       files: Dav Pilkey -- Kelvin Doe -- The flop files: Betty 
       and Richard James -- Hillary Rodham Clinton -- Maya 
       Angelou -- The flop files: John Lewis -- Sonia Sotomayor -
       - Frederick Douglass -- The flop files: Abraham Lincoln --
       Temple Grandin -- The flop files: Marc Chavannes and Al 
       Fielding -- Frida Kahlo -- Tom Ryan and Atticus M. Finch -
       - The flop files: Julia Child -- Marita Cheng -- The flop 
       files: La fábrica -- Jane Goodall -- Luis Fernando Cruz --
       The flop files: Emily Roebling -- Ang Lee -- Robby Novak -
       - The flop files: Ziad Ahmed. 
520    "There is a lot of pressure in today's society for kids to
       succeed, but failing is a part of learning how to be a 
       successful person. In his teaching career, Luke Reynolds 
       saw the stress and anxiety his students suffered over 
       grades, fitting in, and getting things right the first 
       time. Fantastic Failures was created for these students to
       learn that their mistakes and failures do not define their
       whole lives, but help them grow into their potential. Kids
       will love learning about some of the well-known people who
       failed before succeeding and will come to understand that 
       failure is a large component of success. With stories from
       people like J. K. Rowling, Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, 
       Abraham Lincoln, Vincent Van Gogh, Julia Child, and Steven
       Spielberg, each profile just proves that the greatest 
       mistakes and flops can turn into something amazing. 
       Intermixed throughout the fun profiles, Reynolds 
       spotlights great inventors and scientists who discovered 
       and created some of the most important medicines, devices,
       and concepts of all time, including lifesaving vacines and
       medicines that were stumbled upon by mistake. Reynolds's 
       engaging, youthful voice pulls kids into each anecdote 
       much in the same way bestselling Girls Who Rocked the 
       World and Boys Who Rocked the World do, making the 
       teaching moments feel more like a friend just retelling a 
       story. Each profile is followed up with advice on how to 
       come back from your own flops and move forward to succeed"
       --|cProvided by publisher. 
521    Ages 8-12. 
650  0 Celebrities|vBiography|vJuvenile literature. 
650  0 Successful people|vBiography|vJuvenile literature. 
650  0 Success|vJuvenile literature. 
650  0 Failure (Psychology)|vJuvenile literature. 
650  7 Celebrities.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00850072 
650  7 Failure (Psychology)|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00919841 
650  7 Success.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01137041 
650  7 Successful people.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01137079 
655  7 Biography.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423686 
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