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  Amplifiers, Transistor -- See Transistor amplifiers   1
  Amplo Acordo de Paz (2005) -- See Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement, Sudan People's Liberation Army (2005)   1
Ampon, Melanie Nya. : What's the T? / a film by Cecilio Asuncion ; Thigh High Productions presents.  2019 1
  Amps (Electronics) -- See Amplifiers (Electronics)   1
Ampullae (Containers) : The legend of the ste. ampoule.  1953 1
  Ampullas, Coronation -- See Ampullae (Containers)   1
  Amputation -- See also the narrower term Leg Amputation   1
Amputation -- Fiction. : Second burial for a Black prince / Andrew Nugent.  2006 1
  Amputation, Foreskin -- See Circumcision   1
Amputation Leg : Finders keepers / The Orchard presents a World Record Headquarters and Exhibit A production ; directed by Bryan Carberry and Clay Tweel.  2015 1
  Amputations of leg -- See Leg Amputation   1
  Amputees -- See also the narrower term Women amputees   1
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