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J 920 G    
      Belles on their toes / Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey. Bay Ridge, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy, Mapleton, Midwood, Sheepshead   Book 2003
      Cheaper by the dozen / Frank B. Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey. Ulmer Park  Book 2000
      Cheaper by the dozen / Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr., Ernestine Gilbreth Carey. Brooklyn Heights, Flatlands, Kings Hwy, Mapleton, Ryder   Book 2002
      Childtimes : a three-generation memoir / by Eloise Greenfield and Lessie Jones Little ; with material Bedford, Clarendon, Flatlands   Book 1993
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J 920 H    
      7 African-American scientists / Robert C. Hayden ; [illustrated by Richard Loehle]. Bedford  Book 1992
      African princess : the amazing lives of Africa's royal women / Joyce Hansen ; illustrated by Laurie M Flatbush, New Lots, Windsor Tce Bkmobile   Book 2004
      Black pioneers of science and invention / Louis Haber. Brownsville, Central Library, Clarendon, Clinton Hill, Cortelyou, Dekalb, E Parkway, Highlawn, Kidsmobile, McKinley, Rugby, Saratoga   Book 1991
      Black pioneers of science and invention. Bedford, Brownsville, Clinton Hill, Crown Hts, E Parkway   Book 1970
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J 920 J    
      African-American aviators / by Stanley P. Jones ; content advisor, Kenneth O. Wofford. Crown Hts  Book 1998
      Female firsts in their fields. Government & politics / Veda Boyd Jones ; introduction by Roslyn Rosen Highlawn, Kensington   Book 1999
      Great American businesswomen / Laura S. Jeffrey. Crown Hts  Book 1996
      Great lives : human rights / William Jay Jacobs. Arlington, Boro Park, Clinton Hill, Kings Bay   Book 1990
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J 920 K    
      The book of rock stars : 24 musical icons that shine through history / written by Kathleen Krull ; ar Flatlands, Macon   Book 2003
      Extraordinary people with disabilities / by Deborah Kent, Kathryn A. Quinlan. Mapleton  Book 1996
      The first men in space / Gregory P. Kennedy ; introductory essay by Michael Collins. Crown Hts  Book 1991
      Great composers / by Stuart A. Kallen. Kings Hwy, McKinley, Sheepshead   Book 2000
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J 920 L    
      100 Hispanic Americans who changed American history / Rick Laezman. Flatbush, Pacific, Saratoga   Book 2005
      The blues singers : ten who rocked the world / Julius Lester ; illustrated by Lisa Cohen. Bedford, Crown Hts, Macon, W Whitman, Wash Irving   Book 2001
      George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson / Edmund Lindop. Boro Park  Book 1995
      Great lives : exploration / Milton Lomask. Canarsie, E Parkway, New Utrecht, Sheepshead   Book 1988
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J 920 M    
      African-American scientists / by Patricia and Fredrick McKissack. Flatlands, Spring Ck   Book 1994
      Contemporary American success stories : famous people of Hispanic heritage / Barbara J. Marvis ; [wit Canarsie, Marcy, McKinley   Book 1996-
      I am Sacajawea, I am York : our journey West with Lewis and Clark / Claire Rudolf Murphy ; illustrati Central Library, Cortelyou, Flatbush   Book 2005
      Medical technology : inventing the instruments / Robert Mulcahy. Cypress Hills, Flatlands, Gravesend   Book 1997
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J 920 O    
      Heroes for all times / by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce ; illustrated by Sal Murdocca. Canarsie, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Crown Hts, Dekalb, Jamaica Bay, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy, Macon, Ryder, Sheepshead, Ulmer Park   Book 2014
      The Oxford children's book of famous people. Brighton Beach, Flatbush   Book 1999
      The Oxford children's book of famous people. Boro Park, Canarsie, Central Library, E Parkway, Ulmer Park   Book 1994
J 920 R    
      In the promised land : lives of Jewish Americans / by Doreen Rappaport ; illustrated by Cornelius Van Boro Park, Carroll Gdn, Gravesend, Highlawn, Kensington, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy, Mapleton, Sheepshead   Book 2005
      Patriots in petticoats : heroines of the American Revolution / Shirley Raye Redmond. Boro Park, Gravesend, Highlawn, Kings Hwy   Book 2004
J 920 S    
      African American inventors / Otha Richard Sullivan ; general editor, Jim Haskins. Brower Pk, Canarsie, Central Library, Clarendon, Coney Isl, Cortelyou, E Parkway, Kensington, New Lots, Park Slope, Spring Ck   Book 1998
      African American women scientists and inventors / Otha Richard Sullivan ; Jim Haskins, general editor Central Library, Clarendon, Macon, New Lots, Spring Ck, Wmsburgh   Book 2002
      Athletes / Leslie Strudwick. Canarsie  Book 1999
      Great lives : sports / George Sullivan. Kings Bay, Kings Hwy   Book 1988
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J 920 U : Male Olympic champions / by Michael V. Uschan.     
      Male Olympic champions / by Michael V. Uschan. Clinton Hill  Book 2000
J 920 V    
      Clare and Francis / Text by Guido Visconti ; illustrated by Bimba Landmann. Central Library, Crown Hts, Gravesend, Kings Hwy   Book 2004
      Janice VanCleave's scientists through the ages. Mill Basin, Ulmer Park   Book 2004
J 920 W    
      African American women writers / Brenda Wilkinson ; Jim Haskins, general editor. Bay Ridge, Brower Pk, Brownsville, Canarsie, Crown Hts, Flatbush, McKinley, Paerdegat, Saratoga   Book 2000
      Great African-American lawyers : raising the bar of freedom / Carole Boston Weatherford. Cypress Hills  Book 2003
      Webster's new biographical dictionary. Ulmer Park  Book 1983
      What would she do? : 25 true stories of trailblazing rebel women / Kay Woodward ; illustrated by Andr Bushwick, Central Library, Crown Hts, Gravesend, Highlawn, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy, Midwood, Mill Basin, New Utrecht, Red Hook, Sheepshead   Book 2018
      World leaders : people who shaped the world / [edited by] Rob Nagel, Anne Commire. Kings Bay, McKinley   Book 1994
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