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      12 reasons why I love her / written by Jamie S. Rich ; illustrated by JoĆ«lle Jones ; lettered by Doug Bushwick, Carroll Gdn, Clinton Hill, Dekalb, Marcy, Pacific, Paerdegat, Wash Irving   Book 2016
      Archer Coe & the thousand natural shocks / written by Jamie S. Rich ; illustrated by Dan Christensen Bay Ridge, Cypress Hills, Highlawn, Leonard, New Utrecht, Stone Ave   Book 2014
      Archer Coe & the way to dusty death / written by Jamie S. Rich ; illustrated by Dan Christensen ; edi Cypress Hills, Highlawn, Homecrest, Leonard, Mapleton, New Utrecht   Book 2018
      Elliot Allagash / a novel by Simon Rich. Kings Hwy  Book 2010
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      Demon in the whitelands / Nikki Z. Richard. Bay Ridge, Central Library, Cortelyou, Kensington, Kings Hwy, Mapleton, McKinley, New Utrecht, Sunset Pk   Book 2019
      Undeniable / Shannon Richard. Jamaica Bay, Saratoga   Book 2014
      Undone / Shannon Richard. Crown Hts, E Parkway, Flatlands   Book 2014
      Unstoppable / Shannon Richard. Clarendon, Cypress Hills, Flatbush, Saratoga   Book 2014
      Arizona territory / by Dusty Richards. Central Library, Services for Older Adults   Large Print Book 2015
      Black City / Elizabeth Richards. Dekalb, Jamaica Bay, Kidsmobile   Book 2012
      The blood red city / Justin Richards. New Utrecht  Book 2016
      The color of light / Emilie Richards. Boro Park, Clarendon, Crown Hts, Mill Basin   Book 2015
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      Downpour / Kat Richardson. New Utrecht, Services for Older Adults   Book 2012
      Possession / Kat Richardson. New Utrecht  Book 2014
      Revenant / Kat Richardson. Central Library  Book 2014
      47 Ronin : the tale of the loyal retainers / writer, Mike Richardson ; artist, Stan Sakai ; editorial E Parkway, Kings Hwy, Leonard, Midwood   Book 2014
      Blood orbit : a Gattis File novel / by K.R. Richardson. Carroll Gdn, Ryder, Sheepshead   Book 2018
      The book woman of Troublesome Creek : a novel / Kim Michele Richardson. Bay Ridge, Bedford, Brighton Beach, Central Library, Clarendon, Ft Hamilton, Highlawn, Homecrest, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy, Leonard, Macon, McKinley, Midwood, New Utrecht, Park Slope, Rugby, Ryder, Windsor Tce Bkmobile   Book 2019
      Clarissa, or, The history of a young lady / Samuel Richardson ; edited with an introduction and notes Central Library  Book 1985
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      The house of tides : a novel / Hannah Richell. Central Library, Highlawn, Kings Hwy   Book 2013
      The peacock summer : a novel / Hannah Richell. Bushwick, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Cortelyou, Cypress Hills, E Parkway, Ft Hamilton, Kensington, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy, Leonard, Marcy, New Lots, New Utrecht, Red Hook, Sunset Pk, Ulmer Park   Book 2018
      The river home : a novel / Hannah Richell. Central Library, Kensington, Mapleton, McKinley, Midwood   Book 2020
      The shadow year / Hannah Richell. Central Library, Mill Basin   Book 2014
      Home to heal / Lois Richer. Macon, Marcy, Rugby   Book 2020
      Hoping for a father / Lois Richer. Macon, Marcy, Windsor Tce Bkmobile   Book 2020
      Meant-to-be baby / Lois Richer. Brighton Beach  Book 2018
      Mistletoe twins / Lois Richer. Bedford, Brighton Beach   Book 2018
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      Sunday morning blues / K.T. Richey. Central Library, Dyker   Book 2013
      The veil / K.T. Richey. Bushwick, Central Library, Cypress Hills, Marcy, W Whitman   Book 2013
      Priceless : a novel / Nicole Richie. Boro Park, Central Library, E Parkway, New Utrecht   Book 2010
      The truth about diamonds : a novel / Nicole Richie. Central Library  Book 2005
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      Barney's version / a novel by Mordecai Richler ; with footnotes and an afterword by Michael Panofsky. Central Library  Book 1997
      Be my Wolff / Emma Richler. Central Library  Book 2017
FIC Richman    
      The butter did it : a gastronomic tale of love and murder / Phyllis Richman. Central Library  Book 1997
      The garden of letters / Alyson Richman. Brower Pk, Canarsie, Clinton Hill, E Parkway, Gerritsen, Kensington, Mapleton, Midwood, Pacific, Ryder   Book 2014
      The last cowgirl / Jana Richman. Central Library, Kings Hwy   Book 2008
      The lost wife / Alyson Richman. Bay Ridge, Boro Park, Canarsie, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Coney Isl, Cortelyou, E Parkway, Flatlands, Gerritsen, Homecrest, Kensington, Kings Bay, Macon, Mapleton, Marcy, Midwood, Mill Basin, New Utrecht, Pacific, Park Slope, Ryder, Sheepshead   Book 2011
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      Always a catch / Peter Richmond. Flatbush  Book 2014
      The Darkest hour / Caroline Tung Richmond. Bedford, Cortelyou, Flatbush, Kensington, Kings Hwy   Book 2016
      Golden state : a novel / Michelle Richmond. Central Library  Book 2014
      Live in infamy / by Caroline Tung Richmond. Central Library, Clarendon, Homecrest, Jamaica Bay, McKinley, Midwood, W Whitman, Wmsburgh   Book 2018
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