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      Priceless : a novel / Nicole Richie. Boro Park, Central Library, E Parkway, New Utrecht   Book 2010
      The truth about diamonds : a novel / Nicole Richie. Central Library  Book 2005
FIC Richler    
      Barney's version / a novel by Mordecai Richler ; with footnotes and an afterword by Michael Panofsky. Central Library  Book 1997
      Be my Wolff / Emma Richler. Central Library  Book 2017
FIC Richman    
      The butter did it : a gastronomic tale of love and murder / Phyllis Richman. Central Library  Book 1997
      The garden of letters / Alyson Richman. Brower Pk, Canarsie, Clinton Hill, E Parkway, Gerritsen, Kensington, Mapleton, Midwood, Pacific, Ryder   Book 2014
      The last cowgirl / Jana Richman. Central Library, Kings Hwy   Book 2008
      The lost wife / Alyson Richman. Bay Ridge, Boro Park, Canarsie, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Coney Isl, Cortelyou, E Parkway, Flatlands, Gerritsen, Homecrest, Kensington, Kings Bay, Macon, Mapleton, Marcy, Midwood, Mill Basin, New Utrecht, Pacific, Park Slope, Ryder, Sheepshead   Book 2011
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      Always a catch / Peter Richmond. Flatbush  Book 2014
      The Darkest hour / Caroline Tung Richmond. Bedford, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Cortelyou, Flatbush, Kensington, Kings Hwy   Book 2016
      Golden state : a novel / Michelle Richmond. Central Library  Book 2014
      Live in infamy / by Caroline Tung Richmond. Central Library, Clarendon, Homecrest, Jamaica Bay, McKinley, Midwood, W Whitman, Wmsburgh   Book 2018
5 additional entries    
      Dead on arrival : a novel / Matt Richtel. Dyker, Highlawn, Kings Bay, Midwood, Paerdegat, Ulmer Park, W Whitman   Book 2017
      Dead on arrival : a novel / Matt Richtel. Central Library  Book 2017
      The Doomsday equation / Matt Richtel. Central Library  Book 2015
      Dark eyes / William Richter. Central Library, Wmsburgh   Book 2012
      The fields / Conrad Richter ; foreword by David McCullough. Central Library, Midwood, Ryder   Book 2018
      The light in the forest : a novel / Conrad Richter. Central Library, Highlawn, Kings Bay   Book 2004
      Tiger / William Richter. Brighton Beach, Wmsburgh   Book 2013
2 additional entries    
      The memory garden / Mary Rickert. Central Library  Book 2014
      You have never been here : stories / Mary Rickert. Central Library, Macon   Book 2015
FIC RICKHEIT : The squirrel machine / Hans Rickheit.     
      The squirrel machine / Hans Rickheit. Flatbush, New Utrecht   Book 2009
      Lost in you / Alix Rickloff. Brighton Beach, Rugby   Book 2008
      Secrets of Nanreath Hall : a novel / Alix Rickloff. Midwood  Book 2016
      The way to London / Alix Rickloff. Brighton Beach, Central Library, E Parkway, Midwood   Book 2017
FIC RICKMAN : The bones of Avalon : being edited from the most private documents of Dr John Dee, astrologer and consultant to Queen Elizabeth / Phil Rickman.     
      The bones of Avalon : being edited from the most private documents of Dr John Dee, astrologer and con Central Library, Wmsburgh   Book 2011
      Lie in wait : a novel / Eric Rickstad. E Parkway, Flatlands   Book 2015
      The names of dead girls / Eric Richstad. Central Library, Flatlands, Ft Hamilton, Kensington, Kings Bay, Red Hook   Book 2017
      Reap / Eric Rickstad. Central Library  Book 2001
      Reap / Eric Rickstad. Central Library  Book 2000
      What remains of her : a novel / Eric Rickstad. Arlington, Boro Park, Bushwick, Central Library, Coney Isl, E Flatbush, Ft Hamilton, Kensington, Kings Hwy, Midwood, Pacific, Paerdegat   Book 2018
      Departure / A.G. Riddle. Kings Hwy  Book 2014
      Departure / A.G. Riddle. Bay Ridge, Central Library, Coney Isl, Kings Hwy   Book 2016
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