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FIC LACHLAN : Fenrir / M. D. Lachlan.     
      Fenrir / M. D. Lachlan. Central Library  Book 2011
FIC Lachs : Flowers for Mei-ling / by Lorraine Lachs.     
      Flowers for Mei-ling / by Lorraine Lachs. Central Library  Book 1997
FIC LACHTMAN : A shell for Angela / Ofelia Dumas Lachtman.     
      A shell for Angela / Ofelia Dumas Lachtman. Central Library  Book 1995
      The drowning / Camilla Lackberg ; translated by Tiina Nunnally. Central Library, Crown Hts, Kings Hwy, Macon, Midwood, Paerdegat   Book 2015
      The golden cage / Camilla Läckberg ; translated from the Swedish by Neil Smith. Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Dekalb, Flatbush, Ft Hamilton, Homecrest, Kensington, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy, Macon, Mapleton, Midwood, New Lots, Park Slope, Red Hook, Wash Irving   Book 2020
      The hidden child / Camilla Läckberg ; translated by Marlaine Delargy. Flatlands, Kings Hwy   Book 2014
      The ice princess / Camilla Läckberg ; translated by Steven T. Murray. Central Library, Cortelyou, Flatbush, Flatlands, Ft Hamilton, Gravesend, Midwood, Pacific   Book 2013
      The lost boy / Camilla Läckberg ; translated by Tiina Nunnally. Bkmobile, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Dyker, Flatlands, Ft Hamilton, Marcy, Midwood, Mill Basin, Ryder   Book 2016
      Aerie / Mercedes Lackey. Central Library  Book 2006
      And less than kind / Mercedes Lackey & Roberta Gellis. Kings Hwy  Book 2008
      Apex / Mercedes Lackey. Central Library, Clinton Hill, Coney Isl, Cortelyou, Cypress Hills, Highlawn, Kensington, Kings Hwy, Macon, Mapleton, New Lots, Pacific, Paerdegat, Ryder, Spring Ck, Ulmer Park   Book 2017
      Avalanche / written by Mercedes Lackey with Cody Martin, Dennis Lee & Veronica Giguere ; edited by Me Central Library, Kensington, Mapleton, New Utrecht, Park Slope, Ryder   Book 2018
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      Colton baby homecoming / Lara Lacombe. Rugby, Ryder   Book 2016
      Colton K-9 bodyguard / Lara Lacombe. Central Library, Cortelyou, Flatbush, Homecrest, Kings Bay, New Utrecht, Paerdegat, Red Hook, Rugby   Book 2018
      Colton's covert baby / Lara Lacombe. Boro Park, Brighton Beach, Brower Pk, Cortelyou, Crown Hts, Dyker, Ft Hamilton, Highlawn, Homecrest, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy, New Utrecht, Paerdegat, Sheepshead, Spring Ck, Wmsburgh   Book 2019
      Pregnant by the Colton cowboy / Lara Lacombe. Crown Hts, Flatlands, New Utrecht   Book 2017
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FIC LACORTE : The perfect fraud : a novel / Ellen LaCorte.     
      The perfect fraud : a novel / Ellen LaCorte. Arlington, Boro Park, Bushwick, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Cypress Hills, Gravesend, Jamaica Bay, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy, Marcy, McKinley, Pacific, Paerdegat, Red Hook, Sheepshead   Book 2019
      The Disenchantments / Nina LaCour. Arlington, Boro Park, Brower Pk, Bushwick, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Cortelyou, Dyker, E Parkway, Flatbush, Kensington, Mapleton, Marcy, Red Hook   Book 2012
      Everything leads to you / Nina LaCour. Arlington, Bedford, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn Heights, Brower Pk, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Crown Hts, Cypress Hills, Dekalb, E Parkway, Flatbush, Flatlands, Ft Hamilton, Gerritsen, Greenpoint, Kings Bay, Leonard, Park Slope, Saratoga, Wmsburgh   Book 2014
      Hold still / Nina LaCour ; with illustrations by Mia Nolting. Arlington, Bay Ridge, Bedford, Boro Park, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn Heights, Brower Pk, Brownsville, Bushwick, Canarsie, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Clarendon, Clinton Hill, Cortelyou, Crown Hts, Dekalb, Dyker, Flatbush, Flatlands, Gerritsen, Gravesend, Homecrest, Jamaica Bay, Kings Bay, Marcy, Pacific, Paerdegat, Red Hook, Ryder, Spring Ck, Stone Ave, Ulmer Park   Book 2019
      Watch over me / Nina LaCour. Canarsie, Central Library, Dekalb, E Parkway, Flatbush, Flatlands, Ft Hamilton, Kensington, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy, Macon, Mapleton, Midwood   Book 2020
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FIC LACY : All my tomorrows / Al & JoAnna Lacy.     
      All my tomorrows / Al & JoAnna Lacy. Central Library  Book 2003
      The curiosity keeper / Sarah E. Ladd. Central Library, Kings Hwy, Midwood   Book 2015
      Die smiling / Linda Ladd. Spring Ck  Book 2008
      The governess of Penwythe Hall / Sarah E. Ladd. Boro Park, Central Library, Ft Hamilton, Homecrest, Mapleton, Midwood, New Utrecht, Paerdegat   Book 2019
      The Headmistress of Rosemere / Sarah E. Ladd. Boro Park  Book 2013
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      Confessions of a domestic failure / Bunmi Laditan. Central Library  Book 2019
      Confessions of a domestic failure : a novel / Bunmi Laditan. Brighton Beach, Brooklyn Heights, Central Library, Gravesend, Kings Hwy, Leonard, McKinley, Midwood, Pacific, Ryder, Sunset Pk, Wmsburgh   Book 2017
FIC LAEDERACH : The whole of life / Jürg Laederach ; translated by Geoffrey C. Howes.     
      The whole of life / Jürg Laederach ; translated by Geoffrey C. Howes. Central Library  Book 2013
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