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      Abyss Deep / Ian Douglas. Central Library, Ulmer Park   Book 2013
      After Eden / y Helen Douglas. Central Library, Kings Hwy, Paerdegat, Red Hook, Wmsburgh   Book 2013
      The always anonymous beast / Lauren Wright Douglas. Central Library  Book 1987
      Apostles of light. Central Library  Book 1973
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      A baby between friends / Kathy Douglass. Bay Ridge, Boro Park, Brighton Beach, Crown Hts, Kensington, Mapleton, Paerdegat, Spring Ck, Stone Ave   Book 2019
      The city girl's homecoming / Kathy Douglass. Bay Ridge, Boro Park, Brighton Beach, E Parkway, Kings Hwy, Paerdegat, Ryder, Stone Ave   Book 2019
      The crippled angel / Sara Douglass. Central Library, Sheepshead   Book 2006
      Crusader / Sara Douglass. Central Library  Book 2006
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FIC DOUMANI : Indiscretions / a novel by Carol Doumani.     
      Indiscretions / a novel by Carol Doumani. Central Library  Book 1999
      Death comes in through the kitchen / Teresa Dovalpage. Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Highlawn, McKinley, Mill Basin, Park Slope, Spring Ck, Ulmer Park   Book 2018
      Queen of bones / Teresa Dovalpage. Boro Park, Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Crown Hts, Dyker, Ft Hamilton, Gravesend, Kensington, Mapleton, McKinley, Midwood, Sunset Pk   Book 2019
FIC DOVE : Through the ivory gate : a novel / Rita Dove.     
      Through the ivory gate : a novel / Rita Dove. Central Library  Book 1993
      Blood kin : a novel / Ceridwen Dovey. Central Library  Book 2008
      In the garden of fugitives / Ceridwen Dovey. Bedford, Brownsville, Central Library, Cortelyou, Wash Irving   Book 2018
      Only the animals / Ceridwen Dovey. Central Library, Clinton Hill, Cortelyou, Park Slope   Book 2015
FIC DOVLATOV : Pushkin Hills / Sergei Dovlatov ; translated by Katherine Dovlatov ; afterword by James Woods.     
      Pushkin Hills / Sergei Dovlatov ; translated by Katherine Dovlatov ; afterword by James Woods. Carroll Gdn, Central Library   Book 2014
      Confessions of an innocent man : a novel / David R. Dow. Boro Park, Brooklyn Heights, Brownsville, Canarsie, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Dekalb, E Parkway, Flatlands, Gravesend, Jamaica Bay, Kensington, Kings Bay, Leonard, Mapleton, Mill Basin, New Utrecht, Park Slope, Red Hook, Saratoga, Sheepshead, W Whitman, Wmsburgh   Book 2019
      The ex-wife / Candice Dow. Central Library, Dekalb, Flatlands, New Utrecht   Book 2013
      The sound of stars / Alechia Dow. BookOps Library Service Ctr, Brownsville, Central Library, Clarendon, Flatlands, Gerritsen, Gravesend, Jamaica Bay, Kings Hwy, New Utrecht, Saratoga   Book 2020
FIC DOWD : A swift pure cry / Siobhan Dowd.     
      A swift pure cry / Siobhan Dowd. Bay Ridge, Kings Hwy, Macon, Mapleton   Book 2008
FIC DOWER : Rewind / Laura Dower.     
      Rewind / Laura Dower. Brownsville, W Whitman   Book 2006
      Ascension / Gregory Dowling. Brighton Beach, Central Library, Flatbush, Flatlands   Book 2016
      The four horsemen / Gregory Dowling. Central Library, Saratoga   Book 2017
FIC DOWNER : The spellkey trilogy / Ann Downer.     
      The spellkey trilogy / Ann Downer. Central Library  Book 1994
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