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      The infernal : a novel / Mark Doten. Central Library  Book 2015
      Trump Sky Alpha : a novel / Mark Doten. Central Library, Cortelyou, Flatbush, Gerritsen, Macon, Sheepshead, W Whitman, Wmsburgh   Book 2019
FIC DOTSON : Heliopause / J. Dianne Dotson.     
      Heliopause / J. Dianne Dotson. Bay Ridge, Carroll Gdn, Gravesend   Book 2018
FIC DOTY : The thirteenth man / J.L. Doty.     
      The thirteenth man / J.L. Doty. Jamaica Bay  Book 2016
      Absinth : a novel / Seb Doubinsky. Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Leonard   Book 2016
      The song of Synth / Seb Doubinsky. Carroll Gdn, Central Library   Book 2015
      Carpet sweeper tales / Julie Doucet. Central Library, Clinton Hill   Book 2016
      My most secret desire / Julie Doucet. Bushwick, Central Library, Highlawn, Leonard, Pacific, Rugby, Windsor Tce Bkmobile, Wmsburgh   Book 2006
      My New York diary / Julie Doucet. Bedford, Brooklyn Heights, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Crown Hts, Flatlands, Kensington, Rugby   Book 2013
      Last seen : a Dr. Pepper Hunt mystery / J. L. Doucette. Central Library, Cypress Hills, Mapleton, New Utrecht   Book 2017
      The spaceship next door / Gene Doucette. Bay Ridge, Brighton Beach, Brownsville, Bushwick, Canarsie, Central Library, Cypress Hills, Dyker, Flatbush, Flatlands, Kensington, Kings Hwy, Mapleton, Marcy, Midwood, New Utrecht, Sheepshead, Wash Irving   Book 2018
      Deal killer : a Darby Farr mystery / Vicki Doudera. Central Library  Book 2014
      Final settlement : a Darby Farr mystery / Vicki Doudera. Central Library, Kings Hwy   Book 2013
      A house to die for / Vicki Doudera. Carroll Gdn, Kings Hwy   Book 2010
      Apple Tree Yard / Louise Doughty. Central Library, Flatlands, Jamaica Bay, Leonard   Book 2014
      Black water : a novel / Louise Doughty. Central Library, Flatlands, Homecrest, Leonard   Book 2016
      Dance with me / Louise Doughty. Central Library  Book 1996
      Abyss Deep / Ian Douglas. Central Library, Ulmer Park   Book 2013
      After Eden / y Helen Douglas. Central Library, Kings Hwy, Paerdegat, Red Hook, Wmsburgh   Book 2013
      Alien secrets / Ian Douglas. Brooklyn Heights, Bushwick, Canarsie, Clarendon, New Lots, Rugby   Book 2020
      The always anonymous beast / Lauren Wright Douglas. Central Library  Book 1987
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      A baby between friends / Kathy Douglass. Bay Ridge, Brighton Beach, Canarsie, Crown Hts, Kensington, Mapleton, Stone Ave   Book 2019
      The city girl's homecoming / Kathy Douglass. Bay Ridge, Brighton Beach, E Parkway, Kings Hwy, Ryder, Stone Ave   Book 2019
      The crippled angel / Sara Douglass. Central Library, Sheepshead   Book 2006
      The devil's diadem / Sara Douglass. Central Library, Saratoga, Services for Older Adults   Book 2011
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FIC DOUMANI : Indiscretions / a novel by Carol Doumani.     
      Indiscretions / a novel by Carol Doumani. Central Library  Book 1999
      Death comes in through the kitchen / Teresa Dovalpage. Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Highlawn, McKinley, Mill Basin, Spring Ck, Ulmer Park   Book 2018
      Death of a telenovela star / Teresa Dovalpage. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Heights, Central Library, Gerritsen, McKinley, Midwood   Book 2020
      Queen of bones / Teresa Dovalpage. Boro Park, Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Crown Hts, Dyker, Ft Hamilton, Gravesend, Kensington, Mapleton, McKinley, Midwood, Rugby, Sunset Pk   Book 2019
      Queen of bones / by Teresa Dovalpage. none   Large Print Book 2021
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