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    Format Year
CLUB 0234 : Final arrangements [picture].     
      Final arrangements [picture]. none   Photograph 1941
CLUB 0235 : Hibernians at summer beefsteak party [picture].     
      Hibernians at summer beefsteak party [picture]. none   Photograph 1941
CLUB 0236 : For new members [picture].     
      For new members [picture]. none   Photograph 1940
CLUB 0237 : Arranging tribute [picture].     
      Arranging tribute [picture]. none   Photograph 1945
CLUB 0238 : At Hibernian breakfast [picture] / [Brooklyn] Eagle.     
      At Hibernian breakfast [picture] / [Brooklyn] Eagle. none   Photograph 1944
CLUB 0239 : Congratulations are in order [picture] / [Brooklyn] Eagle.     
      Congratulations are in order [picture] / [Brooklyn] Eagle. none   Photograph 1946
CLUB 0240 : Gypsy Hibernians [picture] / [Brooklyn] Eagle.     
      Gypsy Hibernians [picture] / [Brooklyn] Eagle. none   Photograph 1941
CLUB 0241 : Just tinkering [picture] / [Brooklyn] Eagle.     
      Just tinkering [picture] / [Brooklyn] Eagle. none   Photograph 1950
CLUB 0242 : Borough Park Clubhouse [picture].     
      Borough Park Clubhouse [picture]. none   Photograph 1916
CLUB 0243 : This one's on junior [picture] / [Dan] Fox.     
      This one's on junior [picture] / [Dan] Fox. none   Photograph 1953
CLUB 0244 : Annual Catholic Convocation [picture].     
      Annual Catholic Convocation [picture]. none   Photograph 1954
CLUB 0245 : Brooklyn Club dining room [picture].     
      Brooklyn Club dining room [picture]. none   Photograph 1915
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