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956.7044 C    
      An angel from hell : real life on the front lines / Ryan A. Conklin. Central Library  Book 2010
      Crusade : chronicles of an unjust war / James Carroll. Central Library  Book 2004
      A disappearance in Damascus : friendship and survival in the shadow of war / Deborah Campbell. Bay Ridge, Central Library, Midwood, Wmsburgh   Book 2017
      Down range : Navy SEALs in the War on Terrorism / Dick Couch ; foreword by Richard Danzig. Brooklyn Heights, Central Library   Book 2005
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956.7044 D    
      After Iraq : anarchy and renewal in the Middle East / Gwynne Dyer. Central Library  Book 2008
      Blood, sweat and steel : frontline accounts from the Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq, 1990-2010 / Peter Da Brighton Beach, Central Library   Book 2010
      Curveball : spies, lies, and the con man who caused a war / Bob Drogin. Central Library, Dyker   Book 2007
      Defeating terrorism/developing dreams : beyond 9/11 and the Iraq War / edited by Arthur B. Shostak. Central Library  Book 2004
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956.7044 E    
      All American : two young men, the 2001 Army-Navy game and the war they fought in Iraq / Steve Eubanks Central Library  Book 2013
      A fist in the hornet's nest : on the ground in Baghdad before, during and after the war / Richard Eng Central Library  Book 2004
      Nimo's war, Emma's war : making feminist sense of the Iraq War / Cynthia Enloe. Central Library  Book 2010
956.7044 F    
      Consequence : a memoir / Eric Fair. Bay Ridge, Clinton Hill, Flatbush, Pacific   Book 2016
      Fidelis : a memoir / Teresa Fazio. Boro Park, Central Library, Kings Hwy, Mapleton   Book 2020
      The good soldiers / by David Finkel. Bedford, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Gravesend, Greenpoint, Mapleton, Pacific, Ryder   Book 2009
      Losing hurts twice as bad : the four stages to moving beyond Iraq / Christopher J. Fettweis. Central Library, Crown Hts   Book 2008
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956.7044 G    
      American hostage : a memoir of a journalist kidnapped in Iraq and the remarkable battle to win his re Central Library  Book 2005
      The end of Iraq : how American incompetence created a war without end / Peter W. Galbraith. Brooklyn Heights, Central Library   Book 2006
      Kaboom : embracing the suck in a savage little war / Matt Gallagher. Central Library  Book 2010
      Last journey : a father & son in wartime / Darrell Griffin, Sr. & Darrell "Skip" Griffin, Jr. Central Library  Book 2009
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956.7044 H    
      Against all enemies : Gulf War syndrome : the war between America's ailing veterans and their governm Central Library  Book 1998
      Echo in Ramadi : the firsthand story of U.S. Marines in Iraq's deadliest city / Scott A. Huesing. Central Library, Kings Hwy, Midwood, New Utrecht, Sheepshead   Book 2018
      Eight lives down : the story of the world's most dangerous job in the world's most dangerous place / Spring Ck  Book 2008
      Heroes among us : firsthand accounts of combat from America's most decorated warriors in Iraq and Afg Central Library, Cypress Hills, Gravesend   Book 2008
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956.7044 I    
      Iraq / Debra A. Miller, book editor. Cypress Hills, Gravesend, Leonard, Paerdegat, Stone Ave   Book 2004
      Iraq and the lessons of Vietnam, or, How not to learn from the past / edited by Lloyd C. Gardner and Central Library  Book 2007
      The Iraq papers / edited by John Ehrenberg [and others]. Central Library  Book 2010
      Iraq under siege : the deadly impact of sanctions and war / edited by Anthony Arnove ; with essays by Central Library  Book 2002
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956.7044 J    
      Beyond the green zone : dispatches from an unembedded journalist in occupied Iraq / Dahr Jamail ; for Central Library  Book 2007
      Shadow on the mountain : a Yazidi memoir of terror, resistance, and hope / Shaker Jeffrey and Kathari Bedford, Boro Park, Brower Pk, Central Library, Cortelyou, Dekalb, Kings Hwy, Mill Basin, Rugby, Sheepshead   Book 2020
956.7044 K    
      The deserter's tale : the story of an ordinary soldier who walked away from the war in Iraq / Joshua Central Library  Book 2007
      From Baghdad, with love : a dog, a Marine, and the love that saved them / Jay Kopelman with Melinda R Central Library  Book 2019
      From Baghdad, with love : a marine, the war, and a dog named Lava / Jay Kopelman and Melinda Roth. Central Library  Book 2006
      A journal for Jordan / Charles Monroe King and Dana Canedy. Central Library  Book 2008
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956.7044 L    
      The last punisher : a SEAL Team THREE sniper's true account of the Battle of Ramadi / Kevin Lacz with Central Library  Book 2016
      The Last Punisher : a SEAL Team THREE Sniper's True Account of the Battle of Ramadi / Kevin Lacz with Central Library  Book 2017
      Long rifle : one man's deadly sniper missions in Iraq and Afghanistan / Joe LeBleu. Central Library  Book 2009
      The majestic twelve : the true story of the most feared combat escort unit in Baghdad / Jack W. Lynch Central Library  Book 2010
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956.7044 M    
      Baghdad at sunrise : a Brigade Commander's war in Iraq / Peter R. Mansoor ; foreword by Donald Kagan Central Library  Book 2008
      Blinded by the sunlight : emerging from the prison of Saddam's Iraq / Matthew McAllester. Boro Park  Book 2004
      Call sign chaos : learning to lead / Jim Mattis and Bing West. Bay Ridge, Boro Park, Brighton Beach, Brower Pk, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Crown Hts, Ft Hamilton, Gerritsen, Gravesend, Kensington, Leonard, Mapleton, McKinley, Midwood, New Utrecht, Pacific, Saratoga, Wmsburgh   Book 2019
      A chance in hell : the men who triumphed over Iraq's deadliest city and turned the tide of war / Jim Central Library  Book 2010
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956.7044 N    
      Debriefing the president : the interrogation of Saddam Hussein / John Nixon. Central Library, Kings Hwy, Park Slope   Book 2016
      War stories : Operation Iraqi Freedom / Oliver L. North. Central Library, Midwood   Book 2003
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