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821.008 H    
      From other lands; poetry that makes history live. Central Library  Book 1969
      The Harper anthology of poetry / [edited by] John Frederick Nims. Central Library  Book 1981
      The Heath introduction to poetry / with a pref. on poetry and a brief history by Joseph de Roche. Central Library  Book 1975
      The Heinemann book of African poetry in English / selected by Adewale Maja-Pearce. Central Library, Wmsburgh   Book 1990
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821.008 I    
      Inventions of farewell : a book of elegies / edited and with an introduction by Sandra M. Gilbert. Central Library  Book 2001
      Ireland in poetry : with paintings, drawings, photographs, and other works of art / edited by Charles Central Library  Book 1990
      Ireland's love poems : wonder and a wild desire / edited by A. Norman Jeffares. Central Library  Book 2002
      Irish poetry after Yeats : seven poets / Austin Clarke [and others] ; edited by Maurice Harmon. Central Library  Book 1981
821.008 J    
      Jazz poems / selected by Anselm Hollo. Central Library  Book 1963
      A little book of necessary nonsense / Illustrated by Elizabeth MacKinstry. Central Library  Book 1970
821.008 K    
      English pastoral poetry : from the beginnings to Marvell / edited by Frank Kermode. Central Library  Book 1952
      English pastoral poetry, from the beginnings to Marvell / edited by Frank Kermode. Central Library  Book 1969
821.008 L    
      The blue poetry book / With numerous illus. by H. J. Ford and Lancelot Speed. Central Library  Book 1969
      London : a history in verse / edited by Mark Ford. Central Library, Clinton Hill, Kings Hwy   Book 2012
      Minorities ; good poems by small poets and small poems by good poets / [compiled by] T. E. Lawrence. Central Library  Book 1972
      Poetry of the seasons / Compiled by Mary I. Lovejoy. Central Library  Book 1969
      Room for me and a mountain lion ; poetry of open space / selected by Nancy Larrick. Central Library  Book 1974
821.008 M    
      Ben Jonson and the cavalier poets ; authoritative texts, criticism. Central Library  Book 1974
      The book of Irish verse / edited by John Montague. Central Library  Book 1976
      English masterpieces ; an anthology of imaginative literature from Chaucer to T. S. Eliot. Central Library  Book 1961
      The making of a poem : a Norton anthology of poetic forms / edited by Mark Strand and Eavan Boland. Bedford, Bushwick, Central Library   Book 2000
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821.008 N    
      A New book of African verse / compiled and edited by John Reed & Clive Wake. Central Library  Book 1984
      A New book of South African verse in English / selected and edited by Guy Butler & Chris Mann. Central Library  Book 1979
      The new Oxford book of children's verse / edited by Neil Philip. Central Library  Book 1996
      The New Oxford book of Christian verse / chosen and edited by Donald Davie. Central Library  Book 1981
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821.008 O    
      100 essential modern poems / selected and introduced by Joseph Parisi. Bedford, Bushwick, Central Library, Mill Basin, New Lots   Book 2005
      101 famous poems / [compiled by] Roy J. Cook. Central Library, Cortelyou, Macon, Midwood   Book 2003?
      Drum beat ; East African poems / chosen by Lennard Okola. Central Library  Book 1967
      The Oxford anthology of English poetry / chosen and edited by John Wain. Central Library  Book 2003
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821.008 P    
      The heroic couplet. Central Library  Book 1969
      Heroic tales in verse / edited, with pref. and notes by E. J. Pratt. Central Library  Book 1977
      Monarchs & the muse ; poems by monarchs and princes of England, Scotland and Wales / introduced by C. Central Library  Book 1972
      The Penguin book of ballads / chosen and introduced by Geoffrey Grigson. Central Library  Book 1975
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821.008 R    
      100 British poets. : Edited by Selden Rodman. Central Library  Book 1974
      A book of African verse / comp. and ed. by John Reed and Clive Wake. Central Library  Book 1964
      A book of famous verse. Central Library  Book 1969
      Exploring poetry / [by] M. L. Rosenthal [and] A. J. M. Smith. Central Library  Book 1973
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821.008 S    
      A book of love poetry / edited with an introd. by Jon Stallworthy. Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Cortelyou, New Utrecht   Book 1974
      Breaklight: the poetry of the Caribbean / edited and with an introd. by Andrew Salkey. Central Library  Book 1972
      An introduction to poetry / [Compiled by] Louis Simpson. Central Library  Book 1972
      Lyra Celtica ; an anthology of representative Celtic poetry / Edited by E. A. Sharp and J. Matthay. W Central Library  Book 1970
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821.008 Sidney E : Elegies for Sir Philip Sidney (1587) : facsimile reproductions / with an introduction by A.J. Colaianne and W.L. Godshalk.     
      Elegies for Sir Philip Sidney (1587) : facsimile reproductions / with an introduction by A.J. Colaian Central Library  Book 1980
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