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791.4572 D    
      Andy and Don : the making of a friendship and a classic American TV show / Daniel De Viš. Central Library, Crown Hts, Dyker, Kensington, Kings Hwy, Sheepshead, Spring Ck   Book 2015
      Dexter : investigating cutting edge television / edited by Douglas L. Howard. Central Library  Book 2010
      Friends : a cultural history / Jennifer C. Dunn. Central Library  Book 2020
      The legend of Korra : the art of the animated series. Book 2, Spirits / by Michael Dante Dimartino ; Central Library  Book 2014
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791.4572 E    
      Jeopardy! : a revealing look inside TV's top quiz show, contestants and question, selection process u Central Library  Book 1995
      Star trek : Deep space nine : companion / Terry J. Erdmann with Paula N. Block. Central Library  Book 2000
791.4572 F    
      Backstairs with Upstairs, downstairs / by Patty Lou Floyd. Central Library  Book 1988
      The chronicles of Downton Abbey / text, Jessica Fellowes and Matthew Sturgis ; foreword, Julian Fello Carroll Gdn, Central Library   Book 2012
      Downton Abbey : a celebration / by Jessica Fellowes ; foreword by Julian Fellowes ; photography by Ni Central Library, New Lots   Book 2015
      Downton Abbey. Season one : the complete scripts / Julian Fellowes. Central Library  Book 2012
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791.4572 G    
      The 25th anniversary Odd couple companion : still odd after all these years / by Edward Gross. Central Library  Book 1989
      The Buffy chronicles : the unofficial companion to Buffy, the vampire slayer / N.E. Genge. Central Library  Book 1998
      Chasing spirits : the building of the Ghost Adventures Crew / Nick Groff with Jeff Belanger. Central Library  Book 2012
      From where I sit : Merv Griffin's book of people / by Merv Griffin, with Peter Barsocchini. Central Library  Book 1982
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791.4572 H    
      Angel : the casefiles / Nancy Holder, Jeff Mariotte, Maryelizabeth Hart. Boro Park  Book 2002-
      The Celebrity deathmatch companion / created by Eric Fogel ; written by Dave Hughes. Central Library  Book 2000
      The complete X-files : behind the series, the myths, and the movies / by Matt Hurwitz and Chris Knowl Central Library, Clarendon, Flatlands, Park Slope, Sheepshead, Spring Ck   Book 2016
      Doctor Who : the vault / Marcus Hearn. Central Library, Kensington, Mapleton   Book 2013
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791.4572 I    
      The influence of Star Trek on television, film and culture / edited by Lincoln Geraghty. Central Library  Book 2008
      The young and the restless / Barbara Irwin & Mary Cassata. Central Library  Book 1998
791.4572 J    
      American Bandstand : Dick Clark and the making of a rock 'n' roll empire / John A. Jackson. Central Library, Services for Older Adults   Book 1997
      Blame Canada! : South Park and popular culture / Toni Johnson-Woods. Central Library  Book 2007
      Brainiac : adventures in the curious, competitive, compulsive world of trivia buffs / Ken Jennings. Brighton Beach, Central Library, Ryder   Book 2006
      Friends / Lauren Johnson. Central Library  Book 2004
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791.4572 K    
      Bachelor nation : inside the world of America's favorite guilty pleasure / Amy Kaufman. Central Library, Clinton Hill, Flatbush, Gravesend, Greenpoint, Macon, New Utrecht, Pacific, Saratoga   Book 2018
      Hot air : all talk, all the time / Howard Kurtz. Central Library  Book 1996
      Inside Today : the battle for the morning / by Judy Kessler. Central Library  Book 1992
      The legend of Korra : the art of the animated series. Book 1, Air / Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante Di Central Library  Book 2013
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791.4572 L    
      The Crown : the official companion. Volume 2, Political scandal, personal struggle, and the years tha Bay Ridge, Boro Park, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Kings Hwy, Mapleton, Midwood, Park Slope, Ulmer Park   Book 2019
      Doctor Who : character encyclopedia / written by Jason Loborik, Annabel Gibson & Moray Laing. Arlington, Bay Ridge, Carroll Gdn, Clinton Hill, Crown Hts, Dekalb, Flatbush, Kensington, Ryder, Sheepshead, W Whitman   Book 2013
      Inside Dunder Mifflin : the ultimate fan's guide to The office / Amy Lewis ; illustrations by Chantel Bedford, Brower Pk, Carroll Gdn, Brooklyn Heights, Homecrest, Jamaica Bay, Kings Hwy, Pacific, Sheepshead   Book 2019
      Live from New York : an uncensored history of Saturday night live / [compiled by] Tom Shales and Jame Central Library  Book 2002
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791.4572 M    
      Adventure divas : a global search for a new kind of heroine / Holly Morris. Central Library  Book 2005
      Adventure divas : searching the globe for women who are changing the world / Holly Morris. Central Library  Book 2006
      Answers in the form of questions : a definitive history and insider's guide to Jeopardy! / Claire McN Brooklyn Heights, Central Library, Kings Hwy, Mapleton, Midwood, New Utrecht, Rugby, Sheepshead   Book 2020
      The avengers / Toby Miller. Central Library  Book 1997
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791.4572 N    
      Doctor Who : impossible worlds : a 50-year treasury of art and design / Stephen Nicholas and Mike Tuc Brighton Beach, Rugby   Book 2015
      The famous Mister Ed : the unbridled truth about America's favorite talking horse / Nancy Nalven. Central Library  Book 1991
      Mad men on the couch : analyzing the minds of the men and women of the hit tv show / Stephanie Newman Bay Ridge, Central Library, Paerdegat   Book 2012
      Right here on our stage tonight! : Ed Sullivan's America / Gerald Nachman. Central Library  Book 2009
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791.4572 O    
      Masterpiece theatre : a celebration of 25 years of outstanding television / Terrence O'Flaherty ; int Central Library  Book 1996
      The Real Housewives get personal / foreword by Andy Cohen ; text by Martha O'Connor. Central Library  Book 2010
      The Simpsons : an uncensored, unauthorized history / John Ortved. Central Library, Cortelyou, Crown Hts, Dekalb, Macon   Book 2009
      Star Trek chronology : the history of the future / Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda. Crown Hts  Book 1993
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