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658.812 G    
      The Apple experience : the secrets of delivering insanely great customer service / by Carmine Gallo. Central Library  Book 2012
      Beyond customer service, revised / Richard F. Gerson. Central Library  Book 1998
      Customer experience 3.0 : high-profit strategies in the age of techno service / John A. Goodman. Central Library  Book 2014
      Great customer connections : simple psychological techniques that guarantee exceptional service / Ric Central Library  Book 2011
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658.812 H    
      The amazement revolution : seven customer service strategies to create an amazing customer (and emplo Central Library  Book 2011
      B2B customer experience : a practical guide to delivering exceptional CX / Nick Hague and Paul Hague. Central Library  Book 2018
      Combo prospecting : the powerful one-two punch that fills your pipeline and wins sales / Tony J. Hugh Central Library  Book 2018
      iCompete : how my extraordinary strategy for winning can be yours / John T. Hewitt ; with Carolyn Cas Central Library  Book 2016
      The kindness revolution : the company-wide culture shift that inspires phenomenal customer service / Ryder  Book 2006
658.812 K    
      Bag the elephant! : how to win & keep big customers / Steve Kaplan. Central Library, Macon   Book 2008
      Mapping experiences : a guide to creating value through journeys, blueprints and diagrams / Jim Kalba Leonard, Macon, Mapleton   Book 2016
      Market your way to growth : 8 ways to win / Philip and Milton Kotler. Central Library  Book 2013
      No B.S. guide to maximum referrals & customer retention / by Dan S. Kennedy & Shaun Buck ; with Dr. D Central Library  Book 2016
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658.812 L    
      Capturing loyalty : how to measure, generate, and profit from highly satisfied customers / John A. La Central Library  Book 2017
      Conversation marketing : how to be relevant and engage your customer by speaking human / Kevin Lund ; Central Library  Book 2018
      Customer service from the inside out made easy / Paul Levesque. Central Library  Book 2006
      Please every customer : delivering stellar customer service across cultures / Robert W. Lucas. Mill Basin  Book 2011
      Social CRM for dummies / by Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara. Central Library  Book 2012
658.812 M    
      The customer of the future : 10 guiding principles for winning tomorrow's business / Blake Morgan. Central Library  Book 2019
      Customer success : how innovative companies are reducing churn and growing recurring revenue / Nick M Central Library  Book 2016
      How to become a mystery shopper : a complete guide to secret shopping / Elaine Moran. Central Library  Book 2014
      Measuring customer satisfaction : hot buttons and other measurement issues / James H. Myers. Central Library  Book 1999
      Win the customer : 70 simple rules for sensational service / Flavio Martins. Central Library  Book 2016
658.812 P    
      Managing customer relationships : a strategic framework / Don Peppers, Martha Rogers. Central Library  Book 2011
      One to one, B2B : customer development strategies for the business to business world / Don Peppers an Central Library  Book 2001
      The real-time revolution : transforming your organization to value customer time / Jerry Power and To Central Library  Book 2019
      Salesforce Service Cloud for Dummies / by Jon Paz and TJ Kelley. Central Library  Book 2015
658.812 R    
      Free, perfect, and now : connecting to the three insatiable customer demands : a CEO's true story / R Central Library  Book 2000
      Leading loyalty : cracking the code to customer devotion / Sandy Rogers, Leena Rinne, Shawn Moon. Central Library  Book 2019
658.812 S    
      Customer-driven disruption : five strategies to stay ahead of the curve / Suman Sarkar author of The Central Library  Book 2019
      Fanocracy : turning fans into customers and customers into fans / David Meerman Scott and Reiko Scott Central Library  Book 2020
      Ignore your customers (and they'll go away) : the simple playbook for delivering the ultimate custome Central Library  Book 2020
      Make some noise : the unconventional road to dominance / Ken Schmidt. Central Library  Book 2018
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658.812 T    
      Pay attention! : how to listen, respond, and profit from customer feedback / Ann Thomas, Jill Applega Central Library  Book 2010
      Unlocking the customer value chain : how decoupling drives consumer disruption / Thales S. Teixeira, Central Library  Book 2019
658.812 V    
      Breaking through : implementing customer focus in enterprises / Sandra Vandermerwe. none   Book 2004
      The customer success professional's handbook : how to thrive in one of the world's fastest growing ca Central Library  Book 2020
      The thank you economy / Gary Vaynerchuk. Central Library  Book 2011
658.812 W    
      Affected : emotionally engaging customers in the digital age / Cara Wrigley & Karla Straker. Central Library  Book 2018
      Customer CEO : how to profit from the power of your customers / Chuck Wall. Central Library  Book 2013
      Lean solutions : how companies and customers can create value and wealth together / James P. Womack a Central Library  Book 2005
      The ten principles behind great customer experiences / Matt Watkinson. Central Library  Book 2013
658.812 Z : Service magic : the art of amazing your customers / Ron Zemke and Chip Bell.     
      Service magic : the art of amazing your customers / Ron Zemke and Chip Bell. Boro Park, Central Library   Book 2003
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