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650.09 M : Money and power : the history of business / Howard Means ; with a foreword by David Grubin.     
      Money and power : the history of business / Howard Means ; with a foreword by David Grubin. Stone Ave  Book 2001
650.092 N : Never give up : Jack Ma in his own words / edited by Suk Lee and Bob Song.     
      Never give up : Jack Ma in his own words / edited by Suk Lee and Bob Song. Central Library  Book 2016
650.0922 C : Contemporary biography - people in business.     
      Contemporary biography - people in business. Central Library  Journal 1976-
650.1 A    
      Be bad first : get good at things fast to stay ready for the future / Erika Andersen. Central Library  Book 2016
      Be more pirate : or how to take on the world and win / Sam Conniff Allende. Brooklyn Heights, Central Library, Ft Hamilton, Gravesend, Kings Bay, Leonard, Midwood, New Lots, New Utrecht, Red Hook   Book 2018
      Big potential : how transforming the pursuit of success raises our achievement, happiness, and well-b Central Library, Clinton Hill, Highlawn, Kensington, Pacific, Ulmer Park   Book 2018
      Boost your productivity and achieve your goals / by Matt Avery. Central Library, Homecrest, Saratoga   Book 2013
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650.1 B    
      The 10 laws of enduring success / Maria Bartiromo with Catherine Whitney. Arlington, Mapleton, Services for Older Adults, Stone Ave   Book 2010
      18 minutes : find your focus, master distraction, and get the right things done / Peter Bregman. Central Library, Macon   Book 2011
      45 things you do that drive your boss crazy : and how to avoid them / Anita Bruzzese. Central Library  Book 2007
      Achieving success through social capital : tapping the hidden resources in your personal and business Central Library  Book 2000
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650.1 C    
      The 10x rule : the only difference between success and failure / Grant Cardone. Bushwick, Central Library, Midwood   Book 2011
      Ageproof : living longer without running out of money or breaking a hip / Jean Chatzky, Michael F. Ro Arlington, Bay Ridge, Canarsie, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Coney Isl, Crown Hts, Dyker, Gravesend, Jamaica Bay, Kensington, Macon, Mapleton   Book 2017
      Awake at work : 35 practical Buddhist principles for discovering clarity and balance in the midst of Central Library  Book 2006
      Be a free range human : escape the 9-5, create a life you love and still pay the bills / Marianne Can Central Library  Book 2013
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650.1 D    
      Deal your own destiny : increase your odds, win big and become extraordinary / Kate Delaney. Central Library  Book 2018
      Easy breezy prosperity : the five foundations for a more joyful, abundant life / Emmanuel Dagher. Central Library, Clinton Hill, Kings Bay, Macon, Wash Irving   Book 2015
      Find your inner red shoes : step into your own style of success / Mariela Dabbah. Central Library  Book 2013
      Firestarters : how innovators, instigators and initiators can inspire you to ignite your own life / b Central Library, Highlawn, Kensington, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy   Book 2018
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650.1 E    
      8 steps to high performance : focus on what you can change (ignore the rest) / Marc Effron. Bedford, Brighton Beach, Bushwick, Central Library, Clarendon, Cortelyou, Gravesend, Highlawn, Homecrest, New Lots, Ryder, Spring Ck, Wmsburgh   Book 2018
      Entrepreneur voices on careers / by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. Central Library  Book 2019
650.1 F    
      The 4-hour workweek : escape 9-5, live anywhere, and join the new rich / Timothy Ferriss. Bay Ridge, Central Library   Book 2007
      The 4-hour workweek : escape 9-5, live anywhere, and join the new rich / Timothy Ferriss. Brookdale Pop-up, Central Library, Flatbush, Greenpoint, Midwood, Rugby   Book 2009
      7 secrets of great entrepreneurial masters : the GEM power formula for lifelong success / Allen E. Fi Central Library  Book 2006
      50 best business ideas of the last 50 years / edited by Ian Wallis. Central Library  Book 2011
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650.1 G    
      The algebra of happiness : notes on the pursuit of success, love, and meaning / Scott Galloway. Bay Ridge, Brower Pk, Canarsie, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Cortelyou, Gerritsen, Gravesend, Greenpoint, Kensington, Macon, Mapleton, Pacific, Red Hook, Rugby, Ryder, Sheepshead   Book 2019
      Curating your life : ending the struggle for work-life balance / Gail Golden. Bushwick, Central Library, Crown Hts, Gravesend, Spring Ck   Book 2020
      Dream job profiles : the young & successful share their secrets / Donna Hayden Green. Bedford, Cypress Hills   Book 2006
      Endless encores : repeating success through people, products, and profits : a business parable / by K Central Library, Dekalb, Kensington   Book 2015
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650.1 H    
      The 5 essential principles of think & grow rich : the practical steps to transforming your desires in Arlington, Canarsie, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Dekalb, E Parkway, Gerritsen, Homecrest, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy, Macon, Mapleton, Midwood, New Utrecht, Pacific, Ulmer Park   Book 2018
      9 things successful people do differently / Heidi Grant Halvorson. Arlington, Carroll Gdn, Crown Hts, Flatbush, Ft Hamilton   Book 2017
      The alter ego effect : the power of secret identities to transform your life / Todd Herman. Bay Ridge, Central Library, Clarendon, Dyker, Flatbush, Ft Hamilton, Greenpoint, Kings Hwy, Midwood, Saratoga   Book 2019
      Andrew Carnegie's mental dynamite : unlock the awesome power of you / Napoleon Hill ; edited and anno Arlington, Boro Park, Brighton Beach, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Cypress Hills, Gravesend, Jamaica Bay, Kings Hwy, Macon, Marcy, McKinley, New Lots, Paerdegat, Ryder, Sheepshead, Spring Ck, W Whitman   Book 2020
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650.1 I    
      How to win in a winner-take-all world : the definitive guide to adapting and succeeding in high-perfo Bay Ridge, Boro Park, Brighton Beach, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Ft Hamilton, Greenpoint, Mill Basin, Park Slope, Spring Ck, W Whitman   Book 2019
      It ain't over-- till it's over : reinventing your life-- and realizing your dreams-- anytime, at any Crown Hts, Highlawn   Book 2014
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