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306.766 F    
      Awakening : how gays and lesbians brought marriage equality to America / Nathaniel Frank. Central Library  Book 2017
      The full spectrum : a new generation of writing about gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questionin Brownsville, Bushwick, Crown Hts, Cypress Hills, Greenpoint, Saratoga   Book 2006
      The gay revolution : the story of the struggle / Lillian Faderman. Central Library, Leonard   Book 2015
306.766 G    
      Erotic islands : art and activism in the queer Caribbean / Lyndon K. Gill. Central Library  Book 2018
      The Gay & lesbian review worldwide. Central Library  Journal 1999-
      Hear us out! : lesbian and gay stories of struggle, progress and hope, 1950 to the present / Nancy Ga Bay Ridge, Crown Hts   Book 2007
306.766 H    
      GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning) : the survival guide for queer and questioni Brighton Beach, Clarendon, Cortelyou, Cypress Hills, Macon   Book 2003
      GLBTQ : the survival guide for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens / Kelly Hue Carroll Gdn, Center for Bklyn History, Clarendon, Dyker, Flatlands, Gravesend, Homecrest, Kidsmobile, Kings Hwy, Macon, Mapleton, Marcy, Saratoga, Stone Ave, Sunset Pk   Book 2011
      Hear me out : true stories of Teens Educating and Confronting Homophobia : a project of Planned Paren Brownsville, Cypress Hills   Book 2004
      Russian homophobia from Stalin to Sochi / Dan Healey. Central Library, Gerritsen, Kensington, Kings Hwy   Book 2017
      Sporting gender : the history, science, and stories of transgender and intersex athletes / Joanna Har Central Library  Book 2020
306.766 I : It gets better : coming out, overcoming bullying, and creating a life worth living / edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller.     
      It gets better : coming out, overcoming bullying, and creating a life worth living / edited by Dan Sa Arlington, Bedford, Boro Park, Bushwick, Canarsie, Central Library, Cortelyou, Crown Hts, Cypress Hills, Greenpoint, Homecrest, Jamaica Bay, Leonard, Sunset Pk   Book 2011
306.766 K    
      The gay metropolis : the landmark history of gay life in America / Charles Kaiser. Central Library, Crown Hts, Flatbush, Flatlands, Gerritsen, Greenpoint, Kensington, Leonard, Macon, New Lots, Park Slope, Red Hook, Rugby, Wash Irving   Book 2019
      Gay power! : the Stonewall Riots and the gay rights movement, 1969 / Betsy Kuhn. Brower Pk, Brownsville, Flatbush, Flatlands, Kensington, Sheepshead   Book 2011
      Kicked out / editor, Sassafras Lowrey ; general editor, Jennifer Clare Burke. Boro Park, Brighton Beach, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Crown Hts, E Parkway, Ft Hamilton, Kings Bay, Midwood, Wmsburgh   Book 2010
      Yay! you're gay! now what? : a gay boy's guide to life / Riyadh Khalaf ; illustrated by Melissa McFee Arlington, Bay Ridge, Bedford, Boro Park, Brighton Beach, Brownsville, Bushwick, Canarsie, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Clarendon, Crown Hts, Dekalb, Dyker, Park Slope, Stone Ave   Book 2019
306.766 L    
      Ask Dr. Keith : candid answers to queer questions / Keith Loukes. Saratoga  Book 2004
      The letter Q : queer writers' notes to their younger selves / edited by Sarah Moon ; with contributin Clarendon, Coney Isl, Cortelyou, Flatbush, Greenpoint, Highlawn, Kidsmobile, Macon, Marcy, Mill Basin, New Lots, Park Slope, Spring Ck   Book 2012
      Letters to One : gay and lesbian voices from the 1950s and 1960s / edited and with an introduction by Central Library  Book 2012
      Love and resistance : out of the closet into the Stonewall era / photographs by Kay Tobin Lahusen and Bedford, Brower Pk, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Cortelyou, Gerritsen, Marcy, Park Slope, W Whitman, Wmsburgh   Book 2019
      Rainbow revolutions : power, pride, and protest in the fight for queer rights / Jamie Lawson, [illust Boro Park, Brownsville, Central Library, Clarendon, Clinton Hill, Cortelyou, Cypress Hills, Highlawn, Kensington, Macon, Mapleton, Mill Basin, New Lots, Pacific, Paerdegat, Ryder, Spring Ck, Stone Ave, Ulmer Park, W Whitman   Book 2020
306.766 M    
      Becoming visible : an illustrated history of lesbian and gay life in twentieth-century America / Moll Central Library  Book 1998
      Global gay : how gay culture is changing the world / Frédéric Martel ; foreword by Michael Bronski ; Brower Pk, Bushwick, Central Library, Clarendon, Gerritsen, Highlawn, Midwood   Book 2018
      Is it a choice? : answers to the most frequently asked questions about gay and lesbian people / Eric Boro Park, Central Library   Book 2005
      LGBTQ : the survival guide for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens / Kelly Hue Arlington, Bedford, Brighton Beach, Brower Pk, Carroll Gdn, Center for Bklyn History, Central Library, Crown Hts, Cypress Hills, Dekalb, Dyker, E Parkway, Ft Hamilton, Gerritsen, Kensington, Kings Bay, New Utrecht, Saratoga, Sheepshead, Wash Irving   Book 2018
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306.766 O    
      Out. Branch Magazines, Central Library, Park Slope   Journal 1992-
      The out traveler. Central Library  Journal 2003-
306.766 P    
      Homophobia : from social stigma to hate crimes / by Bill Palmer. Cypress Hills, Flatbush, Jamaica Bay, Marcy   Book 2011
      Indecent advances : a hidden history of true crime and prejudice before Stonewall / James Polchin. Arlington, Bay Ridge, Bedford, Brownsville, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Crown Hts, Greenpoint, Marcy, Mill Basin, Spring Ck, Wash Irving   Book 2019
      A little gay history : desire and diversity across the world / R.B. Parkinson ; with contributions by Central Library  Book 2013
      Pink triangles : radical perspectives on gay liberation / edited by Pam Mitchell. Central Library, Flatbush, Leonard, Park Slope   Book 2018
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306.766 Q    
      Queer cities, queer cultures : Europe since 1945 / edited by Matt Cook and Jennifer V. Evans. Central Library  Book 2014
      Queer Korea / [edited by] Todd A. Henry. Center for Bklyn History, Central Library, Cortelyou, Greenpoint, Kensington, Pacific   Book 2020
      Queer objects / edited by Chris Brickell & Judith Collard. Central Library, Marcy, W Whitman, Wmsburgh   Book 2019
      Queer quotes : on coming out and culture, love and lust, politics and pride, and much more / edited b Central Library  Book 2004
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306.766 R    
      Conversations and cosmopolitans : awkward moments, mixed drinks, and how a mother and son finally sha Central Library  Book 2011
      We are everywhere : protest, power, and pride in the history of Queer Liberation / Matthew Riemer and Brower Pk, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Dekalb, Flatbush, Gerritsen, Greenpoint, Leonard, Marcy, Midwood, Park Slope, Spring Ck, Ulmer Park, W Whitman, Wmsburgh   Book 2019
306.766 S    
      American Savage : insights, slights, and fights on faith, sex, love, and politics / by Dan Savage. Central Library, Clinton Hill   Book 2013
      Becoming who I am : young men on being gay / Ritch C. Savin-Williams. Central Library, Mapleton   Book 2016
      Coming out : telling family and friends / by Jaime A. Seba. Flatlands  Book 2011
      Gay and lesbian role models / by Jaime Seba. Bedford, Dekalb, New Utrecht   Book 2011
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