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305.40973 W    
      Finding an identity : early America and the Colonial Period, 1492-1774 / Alex Woolf. Homecrest, Jamaica Bay, Mapleton, Marcy   Book 2011
      Women's America : refocusing the past / edited by Linda K. Kerber, University of Iowa, Jane Sherron D Central Library  Book 2016
      Women's culture : the women's renaissance of the seventies / edited by Gayle Kimball. Central Library  Book 1981
      Women's letters : America from the Revolutionary War to the present / edited by Lisa Grunwald & Steph McKinley, Mill Basin   Book 2005
      Women's realities, women's choices : an introduction to women's studies / Hunter College Women's Stud Central Library  Book 1983
305.40994 C : True north : a memoir / Jill Ker Conway.     
      True north : a memoir / Jill Ker Conway. Central Library  Book 1994
305.42 A    
      All of me : stories of love, anger, and the female body / edited by Dani Burlison. Bay Ridge, Bushwick, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Cortelyou, Kensington, Pacific, Park Slope   Book 2019
      Changing woman : a history of racial ethnic women in modern America / Karen Anderson. Central Library  Book 1996
      Dear Ijeawele, or, A feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Bushwick, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Dyker, Kensington, Macon, Marcy, Midwood, Mill Basin, Park Slope   Book 2017
      The feminist revolution : a story of the three most inspiring and empowering women in American histor Brooklyn Heights, Bushwick, Dyker, Greenpoint, Marcy   Book 2015
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305.42 B    
      Banishing the beast : sexuality and the early feminists / Lucy Bland. Central Library  Book 1995
      The bitch in the house : 26 women tell the truth about sex, solitude, work, motherhood, and marriage Central Library  Book 2002
      Breaking point : why women fall apart and how they can re-create their lives / Martha N. Beck. Central Library  Book 1997
      Breaking the silence habit : a practical guide to uncomfortable conversations in the #MeToo workplace Central Library  Book 2020
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305.42 C    
      Beyond the abortion wars : a way forward for a new generation / Charles C. Camosy. Central Library  Book 2015
      Can we all be feminists? : new writing from Brit Bennett, Nicole Dennis-Benn, and 15 others on inters Brower Pk, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Gerritsen, Greenpoint, Macon, Marcy, Park Slope, Wmsburgh   Book 2018
      Chinese women through Chinese eyes / edited by Li Yu-ning. Central Library  Book 1992
      Comparative perspectives of Third World women : the impact of race, sex, and class / edited by Beverl Central Library  Book 1980
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305.42 D    
      35 women building peace : essential voices for justice and hope / written by Kaitlin Barker Davis and Central Library  Book 2012
      Dead blondes and bad mothers : monstrosity, patriarchy, and the fear of female power / Sady Doyle. Bay Ridge, Bedford, Brooklyn Heights, Canarsie, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Dyker, Flatbush, Homecrest, Kensington, Kings Hwy, Leonard, Pacific, Park Slope, Wmsburgh   Book 2019
      Discovering reality : feminist perspectives on epistemology, metaphysics, methodology, and philosophy Central Library  Book 1983
      Feminism : the march towards equal rights for women / Jill Dearman ; illustrated by Alexis Cornell. Arlington, Bedford, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn Heights, Brower Pk, Brownsville, Bushwick, Canarsie, Central Library, Clarendon, Clinton Hill, Crown Hts, Cypress Hills, Dekalb, E Parkway, Flatbush, Greenpoint, Jamaica Bay, Kings Hwy, Leonard, Marcy, New Lots, Pacific, Red Hook, Rugby, Saratoga, Spring Ck, Stone Ave, W Whitman, Wash Irving, Wmsburgh   Book 2019
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305.42 E    
      Feminism in Russia, 1900-17 / Linda Harriet Edmondson. Central Library  Book 1984
      The mental load : a feminist comic / Emma ; translated by Una Dimitrijevic. Bay Ridge, Bedford, Brooklyn Heights, Brownsville, Canarsie, Central Library, Crown Hts, Greenpoint, Mill Basin, Park Slope, Rugby, W Whitman, Wash Irving   Book 2018
      The seven necessary sins for women and girls / Mona Eltahawy. Bay Ridge, Brower Pk, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Gerritsen, Kings Bay, Marcy, Pacific, Park Slope, Spring Ck, W Whitman, Wmsburgh   Book 2019
      Women and community in Oman / Christine Eickelman. Central Library  Book 1984
      Women in Cuba : the making of a revolution within the revolution / Vilma EspĂ­n, Asela de los Santos, Central Library  Book 2012
305.42 F    
      Beauty bound / Rita Freedman. Central Library  Book 1986
      Blow your house down : a story of family, feminism, and treason / Gina Frangello. Central Library, Gerritsen, Gravesend, Leonard, Mill Basin, Pacific, W Whitman   Book 2021
      The demographic transition and women's life-course in Colombia / Carmen Elisa Florez, in collaboratio Central Library  Book 1990
      The dialectic of sex : the case for feminist revolution / Shulamith Firestone. Central Library  Book 2003
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305.42 G    
      The Athena doctrine : how women (and the men who think like them) will rule the future / John Gerzema Central Library, Homecrest   Book 2013
      Bad feminist [BOOK DISCUSSION] : essays / Roxane Gay. Central 1st Fl - Lit Book Discussion  Book 2014
      Bad feminist : essays / Roxane Gay. Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Clarendon, Clinton Hill, Crown Hts, Dekalb, Dyker, Ft Hamilton, Leonard, Macon, Mill Basin, New Utrecht, Park Slope, Rugby, Sheepshead, Stone Ave, Wash Irving   Book 2014
      Bluebird : women and the new psychology of happiness / Ariel Gore. Central Library, Sheepshead   Book 2010
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305.42 H    
      And the spirit moved them : the lost radical history of America's first feminists / Helen LaKelly Hun Central Library, Dyker, Mapleton   Book 2017
      Betty Friedan and the making of The feminine mystique : the American left, the cold war, and modern f Central Library  Book 1998
      Feminism : reinventing the f-word / Nadia Abushanab Higgins. Bay Ridge, Bedford, Brooklyn Heights, Brower Pk, Central Library, Crown Hts, Cypress Hills, Dekalb, Greenpoint, Kings Bay, Mapleton, Wmsburgh   Book 2016
      The fifties : a women's oral history / Brett Harvey. Central Library  Book 1993
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305.42 I    
      Gender / Ivan Illich. Central Library  Book 1983
      I still believe Anita Hill : three generations discuss the legacies of speaking truth to power / edit Central Library  Book 2013
      Introducing gender and women's studies / edited by Victoria Robinson and Diane Richardson. Central Library  Book 2015
      What women want / Patricia Ireland. Central Library  Book 1996
305.42 J    
      Beauty and misogyny : harmful cultural practices in the West / Sheila Jeffreys. Central Library  Book 2015
      Funding feminism : monied women, philanthropy, and the women's movement, 1870-1967 / Joan Marie Johns Central Library  Book 2017
      Sexism : the male monopoly on history and thought / Marielouise Janssen-Jurreit ; translated from the Central Library  Book 1982
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