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303.483 E    
      Digital is destroying everything : what the tech giants won't tell you about how robots, big data, an Central Library  Book 2015
      Sociology and industrial life [by] J. E. T. Eldridge. Central Library  Book 1978
303.483 F    
      The age of Edison : electric light and the invention of modern America / Ernest Freeberg. Flatlands  Book 2013
      Hello world : being human in the age of algorithms / Hannah Fry. Brighton Beach, Central Library, Gravesend, Greenpoint, Kensington, Kings Hwy, Leonard, McKinley, Mill Basin, Pacific, W Whitman, Wmsburgh   Book 2018
      The science of liberty : democracy, reason, and the laws of nature / Timothy Ferris. Central Library  Book 2010
      Thank you for being late : an optimist's guide to thriving in the age of accelerations / Thomas L. Fr Bay Ridge, Central Library, Dyker, E Parkway, Flatlands, Ft Hamilton, Highlawn, Kings Hwy, Midwood   Book 2016
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303.483 G    
      Between science and values / Loren R. Graham. Central Library  Book 1981
      Radical evolution : the promise and peril of enhancing our minds, our bodies-- and what it means to b Central Library  Book 2005
      Technology / Wayne Grady. Bay Ridge, Flatbush, Highlawn, Macon   Book 2010
303.483 H    
      Gadget consciousness : collective thought, will and action in the age of social media / Joss Hands. Central Library  Book 2019
      Hacking h(app)iness : why your personal data counts and how tracking it can change the world / John C Brownsville, Canarsie, Central Library, Flatbush, Red Hook, Ulmer Park   Book 2014
      Humanity's future / Louise I. Gerdes, book editor. Boro Park  Book 2006
      Mindless : why smarter machines are making dumber humans / Simon Head. Highlawn, Park Slope   Book 2013
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303.483 I    
      I'll buy that! : 50 small wonders and big deals that revolutionized the lives of consumers : a 50-yea Central Library  Book 1986
      The right to useful unemployment and its professional enemies / Ivan Illich. Central Library  Book 1978
      Whiplash : how to survive our faster future / Joi Ito, director, MIT Media Lab, and Jeff Howe. Central Library, Clinton Hill, Crown Hts, Marcy, Saratoga   Book 2016
303.483 J    
      Fish sticks, sports bras, and aluminum cans : the politics of everyday technologies / Paul R. Josephs Central Library, Crown Hts, E Parkway   Book 2015
      How we got to now : six innovations that made the modern world / Steven Johnson. Canarsie, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Cypress Hills, Highlawn, Mapleton   Book 2014
      Science under fire : challenges to scientific authority in modern America / Andrew Jewett. Central Library  Book 2020
      We know all about you : the story of surveillance in Britain and America / Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones. Central Library, Homecrest, Kings Hwy   Book 2017
303.483 K    
      Augmented : life in the smart lane / Brett King ; with contributions from Alex Lightman, JP Rangaswam Central Library  Book 2016
      The best interface is no interface : the simple path to brilliant technology / by Golden Krishna. Brower Pk, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Pacific   Book 2015
      The inevitable : understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future / Kevin Kelly. Central Library, Kensington   Book 2016
      Physics of the future : how science will shape human destiny and our daily lives by the year 2100 / M Brighton Beach, Central Library, Leonard   Book 2011
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303.483 L    
      Not a scientist : how politicians mistake, misrepresent, and utterly mangle science / Dave Levitan. Highlawn, Kings Hwy, New Utrecht   Book 2017
      Science for sale : how the US government uses powerful corporations and leading universities to suppo Boro Park, Central Library, Clarendon, Kings Hwy, Midwood   Book 2014
303.483 M    
      The body politic : the battle over science in America / Jonathan D. Moreno. Central Library  Book 2011
      Breaking things at work : the Luddites are right about why you hate your job / Gavin Mueller. Central Library  Book 2021
      Enough : staying human in an engineered age / Bill McKibben. Bedford, Boro Park, Canarsie, Central Library, Flatbush, Highlawn, Kings Hwy, Leonard, Mapleton, Midwood, Ulmer Park, Windsor Tce Bkmobile   Book 2004
      Machines of loving grace : the quest for common ground between humans and robots / John Markoff. Central Library, Crown Hts   Book 2015
      The transHuman code : how to program your future / Carlos Moreira & David Fergusson. Brower Pk, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Ryder   Book 2019
303.483 N    
      Forces of production : a social history of industrial automation / David F. Noble. Central Library  Book 1984
      Sex, bombs, and burgers : how war, pornography, and fast food have shaped modern technology / Peter N Mill Basin  Book 2011
303.483 O    
      Fool me twice : fighting the assault on science in America / Shawn Lawrence Otto. Central Library  Book 2011
      Innocent experiments : childhood and the culture of popular science in the United States / Rebecca On Central Library  Book 2016
      Science deified & science defied : the historical significance of science in Western culture, from th Central Library  Book 1982
      The war on science : who's waging it, why it matters, what we can do about it / Shawn Otto ; [forewor Brighton Beach, Central Library, Sheepshead, Ulmer Park   Book 2016
303.483 P    
      Brain gain : technology and the quest for digital wisdom / Marc Prensky. Central Library  Book 2012
      Forecasting the telephone : a retrospective technology assessment / by Ithiel de Sola Pool. Central Library  Book 1983
      Futurekind : design by and for the people / Robert Phillips ; foreword by Yves BĂ©har. Central Library, Kings Hwy, Leonard, Midwood   Book 2019
      The machine in America : a social history of technology / Carroll Pursell. Central Library  Book 1995
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