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248.4 A    
      Along the way : real life moments touched by God : [stories to inspire you, steps to guide you]. Kings Bay, Macon, Marcy, Paerdegat, Stone Ave   Book 2007
      Faith in the spotlight : thriving in your career while staying true to your beliefs / Megan Alexander Central Library, New Utrecht, Ulmer Park   Book 2016
      The God bit. Central Library  Book 1974
      The grace and truth paradox / by Randy Alcorn. Central Library  Book 2003
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248.4 B    
      Come matter here : your invitation to be here in a getting there world / Hannah Brencher. Central Library, Crown Hts, Flatbush, Highlawn, Macon, New Lots, Sheepshead   Book 2018
      The competitive edge : how to win every time you compete / Jeffrey Brown. Central Library  Book 2007
      Days of awe and wonder : how to be a Christian in the twenty-first century / Marcus J. Borg. Central Library, Kings Hwy, Park Slope   Book 2017
      Desiring God's will : aligning our hearts with the heart of God / David G. Benner. Central Library, Dyker, Flatlands   Book 2005
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248.4 C    
      Be in it to win it : a road map to spiritual, emotional and financial wholeness / Kirbyjon H. Caldwel Central Library, Macon, Saratoga   Book 2007
      Boundaries : when to say yes, how to say no to take control of your life / Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. Jo Brighton Beach, Brooklyn Heights, Central Library, Dekalb, Greenpoint, Highlawn, Kings Bay, Midwood, Mill Basin, New Utrecht, Park Slope, Wmsburgh   Book 2017
      God's master plan for your life : ten keys to fullfilling your destiny / Gloria Copeland. Central Library  Book 2008
      The good life / Charles Colson, Harold Fickett. Central Library  Book 2005
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248.4 D    
      2 live 4 : why did you think you were here? / Ryan Dobson with Marcus Brotherton. Central Library  Book 2005
      Box of butterflies : discovering the unexpected blessings all around us / Roma Downey. Carroll Gdn, Dyker, Macon, Paerdegat, Wmsburgh   Book 2018
      The everyday visionary : focus your thoughts, change your life / Jesse Duplantis. Central Library  Book 2008
      The faith of Dolly Parton : lessons from her life to lift your heart / Dudley Delffs. Bay Ridge, Central Library, E Parkway, Kensington, McKinley   Book 2018
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248.4 E    
      Chasing the bright side : embrace optimism, activate your purpose, and write your own story / Jess Ek Central Library, E Parkway, Homecrest, McKinley, Mill Basin, Park Slope, W Whitman   Book 2019
      Colors of the spirit / Dorothy K. Ederer. Central Library  Book 1998
      The comparation of a vyrgin and a martyr (1523) / Translated by Thomas Paynell. A facsim. reproductio Central Library  Book 1970
      Enchiridion militis Christiani : an English version / Erasmus ; edited by Anne M. O'Donnell. Central Library  Book 1981
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248.4 F    
      The cure for the chronic life : overcoming the hopelessness that holds you back / Deanna Favre & Shan Brighton Beach, Central Library, Homecrest   Book 2010
      The Hollywood commandments : a spiritual guide to secular success / DeVon Franklin with Tim Vandehey. Bay Ridge, Brower Pk, Clarendon, Clinton Hill, Cypress Hills, Macon, Paerdegat, Spring Ck   Book 2017
      The joy of discipleship : reflections from Pope Francis on walking with Christ / by Pope Francis ; ed Brower Pk, Ulmer Park, Wash Irving   Book 2016
      Life with God : reading the Bible for spiritual transformation / Richard J. Foster ; with Kathryn A. Brower Pk, Central Library   Book 2008
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248.4 G    
      Divine direction : 7 decisions/that will change your life / Craig Groeschel. Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Homecrest, Macon, New Lots, Paerdegat, Spring Ck   Book 2017
      Everybody always : becoming love in a world full of setbacks and difficult people / Bob Goff. Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Dekalb, Flatlands, Greenpoint, Kensington, Macon   Book 2018
      The good life : truths that last in times of need / Peter J. Gomes. Central Library  Book 2002
      Hear my heart : what I would say to you / Billy Graham. Central Library, Cortelyou, E Parkway, Kensington, McKinley, Sheepshead, Spring Ck, Ulmer Park   Book 2014
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248.4 H    
      Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett : a grandfather's thoughts on faith, family, and the things that matter Central Library  Book 2012
      Imperfect courage : live a life of purpose by leaving comfort and going scared / Jessica Honegger, fo Central Library, Clinton Hill, E Parkway, Kensington, McKinley, Pacific, Sheepshead, Spring Ck, Ulmer Park   Book 2018
      No is a beautiful word : hope and help for the overcommitted and (occasionally) exhausted / Kevin G. Bedford, Central Library, Cortelyou, Kings Hwy, Mill Basin, Paerdegat, Park Slope, Sheepshead, Ulmer Park   Book 2019
      Point of view : a fresh look at work, faith, and freedom / Elisabeth Hasselbeck with Beth Clark ; for Brooklyn Heights, Central Library, Dyker, Gerritsen, Homecrest, Leonard, McKinley, New Utrecht, Ryder, Sheepshead, Ulmer Park   Book 2019
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248.4 I    
      Follower : becoming more than just a fan of Jesus / Kyle Idleman. Central Library, Crown Hts, E Parkway, Kensington, Spring Ck   Book 2016
      Invincible spirits : a thousand years of women's spiritual writings / compiled by Felicity Leng. Central Library  Book 2007
248.4 J    
      Destiny : step into your purpose / T.D. Jakes. Bedford, BookOps Library Service Ctr, Brower Pk, Brownsville, Bushwick, Canarsie, Central Library, Clarendon, Clinton Hill, Coney Isl, Crown Hts, Dekalb, E Parkway, Greenpoint, Kings Bay, Macon, Marcy, Mill Basin, New Lots, Pacific, Paerdegat, Red Hook, Saratoga, W Whitman   Book 2015
      Divine guidance : lessons for today from the world of early Christianity / John A. Jillions. Central Library, Marcy, Park Slope, Sheepshead   Book 2020
      Instinct for graduates : the power to unleash your inborn drive and face your unlimited future / T.D. Canarsie, Central Library, Cypress Hills, Dekalb, Macon, Marcy, Pacific, Paerdegat, Sheepshead, Spring Ck   Book 2015
      Instinct : the power to unleash your inborn drive / T.D. Jakes. Central Library, Clarendon, Crown Hts, Paerdegat, Saratoga, Stone Ave, Wash Irving   Book 2014
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248.4 JOY J : Joy and human flourishing : essays on theology, culture, and the good life / Miroslav Volf and Justin E. Crisp, editors.     
      Joy and human flourishing : essays on theology, culture, and the good life / Miroslav Volf and Justin Central Library  Book 2015
248.4 K    
      Faith in exile : seeking hope in times of doubt / Joseph T. Kelley. Central Library  Book 2003
      Finding selah : the simple practice of peace when you need it most / Kristen Kill. Bay Ridge, Boro Park, Central Library, E Parkway, Kensington, McKinley, Spring Ck   Book 2018
      The Gospel according to Dr. Seuss / James W. Kemp. Central Library  Book 2004
      How to find God in the Bible / Woodrow Kroll. Bushwick, Central Library   Book 2004
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