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179.20973 E : The sea is so wide and my boat is so small : charting a course for the next generation / Marian Wright Edelman.     
      The sea is so wide and my boat is so small : charting a course for the next generation / Marian Wrigh Central Library, Cypress Hills   Book 2008
179.3 A    
      Animal rights / Nick Treanor, book editor. Mapleton  Book 2005
      Animal rights / William Dudley, book editor. Carroll Gdn, Mapleton   Book 2006
      Man kind? : Our incredible war wildlife. Central Library  Book 1974
      Neither man nor beast : feminism and the defense of animals / Carol J. Adams. Central Library  Book 2018
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179.3 B    
      The animals' agenda : freedom, compassion, and coexistence in the human age / Marc Bekoff and Jessica Central Library, Homecrest, McKinley, New Utrecht   Book 2017
      Beastly morality : animals as ethical agents / edited by Jonathan K. Crane. Central Library  Book 2016
      Food and animal welfare / Henry Buller & Emma Roe. Central Library  Book 2018
      Virtual menageries : animals as mediators in network cultures / Jody Berland. Central Library  Book 2019
179.3 C    
      The lives of animals / J.M. Coetzee ; Marjorie Garber, Peter Singer, Wendy Doniger, Barbara Smuts [co Central Library, Marcy   Book 2016
      Men, beasts, and gods ; a history of cruelty and kindness to animals. Central Library  Book 1972
      The moral status of animals. Central Library  Book 1977
179.3 E    
      Ethical Vegetarianism and Veganism / edited by Andrew Linzey and Clair Linzey. Central Library  Book 2019
      The ethics of killing animals / edited by Tatjana Višak and Robert Garner, with afterword by Peter Si Central Library, Kings Hwy, Midwood   Book 2016
179.3 F    
      Beg : a radical new way of regarding animals / Rory Freedman. Boro Park, Central Library   Book 2013
      Face-to-face with animals : Levinas and the animal question / edited by Peter Atterton and Tamra Wrig Brooklyn Heights, Central Library, Gerritsen, Mapleton, New Utrecht   Book 2019
      Respecting animals : a balanced approach to our relationship with pets, food, and wildlife / David S. Central Library, Gerritsen, Gravesend, Pacific   Book 2018
179.3 G    
      The cow with ear tag #1389 / Kathryn Gillespie. Arlington, Boro Park, Central Library, Cortelyou, E Parkway   Book 2018
      The global guide to animal protection / edited by Andrew Linzey ; foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu Central Library  Book 2013
      Grilled : turning adversaries into allies to change the chicken industry / Leah Garcés. Central Library, Dyker, Marcy, Midwood, Park Slope, Sheepshead, Wmsburgh   Book 2019
      A theory of justice for animals : animal rights in a nonideal world / Robert Garner. Central Library  Book 2013
179.3 H    
      The companion species manifesto : dogs, people, and significant otherness / Donna Haraway. Central Library  Book 2015
      Do scientists care about animal welfare? / Eve Hartman and Wendy Meshbesher. Brighton Beach, Bushwick, Canarsie   Book 2012
      When species meet / Donna J. Haraway. Central Library  Book 2008
179.3 L    
      No animals were harmed : the controversial line between entertainment and abuse / Peter Laufer. Central Library  Book 2012
      Why animal suffering matters : philosophy, theology, and practical ethics / Andrew Linzey. Wmsburgh  Book 2009
179.3 M    
      The modern savage : our unthinking decision to eat animals / James McWilliams. Mill Basin  Book 2015
      Putting humans first : why we are nature's favorite / Tibor R. Machan. none   Book 2004
179.3 N    
      Animalkind : remarkable discoveries about animals and revolutionary new ways to show them compassion Arlington, Bay Ridge, Boro Park, Central Library, Highlawn, Macon, Midwood, Park Slope, Red Hook, Rugby, Saratoga, Wash Irving   Book 2020
      Making kind choices : everyday ways to enhance your life through earth-and animal-friendly living / I Canarsie  Book 2005
179.3 O : Animal rights : noble cause or needless effort? / Marna Owen.     
      Animal rights : noble cause or needless effort? / Marna Owen. Midwood  Book 2010
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