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155.936 L : Men in crisis ; a study of a mine disaster.     
      Men in crisis ; a study of a mine disaster. Central Library  Book 1969
155.937 A    
      Acute grief : counseling the bereaved / Otto S. Margolis [and others], editors ; with the editorial a Central Library  Book 1981
      Adolescence and death / Charles A. Corr, Joan N. McNeil, editors. Central Library  Book 1986
      All at sea : a memoir / Decca Aitkenhead. Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Crown Hts, McKinley   Book 2016
      Forever ours : a real stories of immortality and living from a forensic pathologist / Janis Amatuzio. Ryder  Book 2004
      How we grieve : relearning the world / Thomas Attig. Central Library  Book 1996
155.937 B    
      Bereavement counseling : a multidisciplinary handbook / edited by B. Mark Schoenberg. Central Library  Book 1980
      Between life and death / Robert Kastenbaum, editor. Central Library  Book 1979
      The day that went missing : a family's story / Richard Beard. Brooklyn Heights, Central Library, Clinton Hill, Dyker, Flatbush, Gerritsen, Jamaica Bay, Kensington, Mapleton, New Lots, Ryder, Sheepshead, Ulmer Park   Book 2018
      Finding Peter : a true story of the hand of providence and evidence of life after death / William Pet Carroll Gdn, Central Library   Book 2015
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155.937 C    
      Bearing the unbearable : love, loss, and the heartbreaking path of grief / Joanne Cacciatore ; forewo Central Library, Flatlands, Kings Hwy, Mapleton, Midwood, Ulmer Park   Book 2017
      The death talker : what we need to know to help us talk about death / Molly Carlile. Central Library  Book 2016
      Dying to be free : a healing guide for families after a suicide / Beverly Cobain and Jean Larch. Central Library  Book 2006
      From heartbreak to wholeness : the hero's journey to joy / Kristine Carlson. Bedford, Brooklyn Heights, Central Library, Clarendon, Crown Hts, Mill Basin, Stone Ave   Book 2018
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155.937 D    
      The American view of death: acceptance or denial? / By Richard G. Dumont and Dennis C. Foss. Central Library  Book 1972
      Death and dying : opposing viewpoints / James Haley, book editor. Brownsville, Central Library, Dekalb, Flatbush, Midwood, New Utrecht   Book 2003
      Death and identity / Robert Fulton, editor, in collaboration with Robert Bendiksen. Central Library  Book 1976
      Death : the final stage of growth / [edited by] Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Central Library  Book 1975
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155.937 E    
      The aftergrief : finding your way along the long arc of loss / Hope Edelman. Brighton Beach, Brower Pk, Central Library, Flatlands, Marcy, Rugby, Stone Ave, Wash Irving   Book 2020
      Motherless daughters : the legacy of loss / Hope Edelman. Central Library, Cortelyou, Crown Hts, Pacific   Book 2014
155.937 F    
      The angel letters : lessons that dying can teach us about living / Norman J. Fried. Central Library  Book 2007
      The grieving child : a parents guide / Helen Fitzgerald. Central Library  Book 1992
      There are no sad dogs in heaven : finding comfort after the loss of a pet / Sonya Fitzpatrick. Central Library  Book 2013
155.937 G    
      Disaster Falls : a family story / Stéphane Gerson. Central Library, Ryder, Saratoga, Stone Ave   Book 2017
      Furnishing eternity : a father, a son, a coffin, and a measure of life / David Giffels. Bay Ridge, Homecrest, Ryder   Book 2018
      The Futilitarians : our year of thinking, drinking, grieving, and reading / Anne Gisleson. Bedford, Brower Pk, Central Library, Pacific   Book 2017
      Once more we saw stars / Jayson Greene. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gdn, Central Library, Clarendon, Clinton Hill, Coney Isl, Crown Hts, Dyker, Flatlands, Ft Hamilton, Highlawn, Jamaica Bay, Kensington, Kings Bay, Kings Hwy, Leonard, Midwood, New Lots, Paerdegat, Park Slope, Ryder, Saratoga, Sheepshead, Ulmer Park, W Whitman   Book 2019
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155.937 H    
      Comfort : a journey through grief / Ann Hood. Boro Park, Carroll Gdn, Macon   Book 2008
      Helping bereaved children : a handbook for practitioners / edited by Nancy Boyd Webb ; foreword by Ea Central Library  Book 1993
      I'll see you again : a memoir / Jackie Hance ; with Janice Kaplan. Central Library  Book 2013
      Kadian journal : a father's memoir / Thomas Harding. Central Library, Mapleton   Book 2017
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155.937 J : In the slender margin : the intimate strangeness of death and dying / Eve Joseph.     
      In the slender margin : the intimate strangeness of death and dying / Eve Joseph. Clarendon, Kings Hwy   Book 2016
155.937 K    
      Death is but a dream : finding hope and meaning at life's end / Christopher Kerr, MD, PhD ; with Cari Canarsie, Central Library, Clarendon, Coney Isl, Flatlands, Gerritsen, Paerdegat, Sheepshead, Spring Ck, Wmsburgh   Book 2020
      Finding meaning : the sixth stage of grief / David Kessler ; written with support of the Elisabeth Kü Brighton Beach, Bushwick, Central Library, Cortelyou, Dyker, Flatlands, Gerritsen, Highlawn, Kensington, Kings Bay, Mapleton, Marcy, Midwood, Pacific, Rugby   Book 2019
      Going home : finding peace when pets die / Jon Katz. Brighton Beach, Central Library, Kings Hwy   Book 2011
      Living with death and dying / Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Gravesend  Book 1981
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155.937 L    
      The beauty of what remains : how our greatest fear becomes our greatest gift / Steve Leder. Central Library, Clarendon, Dyker, Mill Basin, New Lots, Red Hook   Book 2021
      The craft of dying : the modern face of death / Lyn H. Lofland ; introduction by John Troyer ; epilog Central Library, Cortelyou, Highlawn, Sheepshead, Wmsburgh   Book 2019
      Creative interventions for bereaved children / Liana Lowenstein. Central Library  Book 2006
      Embracing the end of life : a journey into dying & awakening / Patt Lind-Kyle, MA. Bay Ridge, Bedford, Central Library, Midwood   Book 2017
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